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How to get around Facebook 20% rule

by Veronica Jeans | 28 November, 2016 |

Creating ads in Facebook you are only allowed 20% text on your image. It gets rejected if it does not comply! Here is a little trick to get more bang for your ad and add more text to your image.

What's happening to Facebook 20% rule?

by Veronica Jeans | 21 November, 2016 |

Facebook 20% text rule is changingSo just last month I talked about Facebook 20% text rule and how to stay within the parameters of Facebook's parameters. But, it has changed again.

3 Legal Tips about Videos and Live Streaming

by Veronica Jeans | 07 November, 2016 |

Live Video and Live Streaming is here to stay and becoming essential for organic reach for businesses.

Facebook is rolling out Live Video for everybody in Facebook, and it is very easy to find.

4 Important Facebook Updates

by Veronica Jeans | 17 October, 2016 |

4 important updates in Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

I curated this information from Mari Smith's Facebook, because this excellent information and in Facebook newsfeed as we know, we will never find it again.


3 New Facebook Business Page Updates

by Veronica Jeans | 12 September, 2016 |

Redesigned facebook business Pages Rolling Out 2016

Image courtesy of Facebook

After testing changes to the page layout for months, Facebook has made an official update.

What is DOES mean is that the clutter has gone from the Facebook header image - it's now a lovely clean space to work with and gives you a lovely place to make an impact.