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Have you ever heard of the expression “stop and smell the roses?”

I think this one is especially true for any business, whether you are online or offline.

Often in my coaching business, I observe a trend.  This trend reveals eager entrepreneurs are so busy engulfed in the excitement, hustling for more business, and developing new ways to sell that rarely do they don’t stop to see where they are in the moment.  Sometimes this can cause a feeling of not moving forward.

I will let you in on 5 of my secrets to a successful business!

Why should we stop and evaluate where we are?

Life moves in forward motion. We thrive on completing the things we set out to do so we can move on to the next big thing.  When we feel lost and without direction we lose motivation. You cannot move forward if you don’t know where you’re going. As with every business, we can get lost in the details and the busy-ness of being an entrepreneur. It’s important to stop, evaluate, plan, and move forward for the sake of your business and for the sake of your own well being.

Sit down with me and let’s talk about the 5 ways you can really become more successful as an eCommerce entrepreneur.

1. Declutter

Stop the noise. How many webinars, workshops, podcasts, facebook groups and other resources are your cramming into your day?  If this is an area of clutter for you, trim it down and set a schedule. Decide on a frequency that works for you. Every Monday for 45 minutes before the start of your day may be a good time to hop on a podcast.  Rank your workshops and only attend the top session once a week. Carve out time to really ‘be’ with your business.

2. Recharge your mind

When you carve out time to ‘be’ with your business, I mean quite literally, time to sit and think, write down your ideas or sketch out product improvements. You may want to ask yourself if you still passionate about your products or are you trying to distract yourself from growing? We should all be trying to recreate the passion! I personally use my time traveling (Houston is a vastly large city, so I am ALWAYS driving) to just think and let my mind wander. I keep the music off, I don’t listen to any news, I just zone into my thoughts to recharge my mind and hone in on the thoughts that develop.  I have found in my business when you find that quiet time, those are the moments you come up with your best ideas.

3. Guide your focus  

Earlier I talked about that feeling when you have so much going on, you end up treading water.  We have all been there, or are there right now. It’s important to guide our focus intentionally. Multitasking is great and can be beneficial, but it must be done correctly. Try mapping out your big and small projects or tasks on priority, and then working on one big project simultaneously with a few smaller tasks.  

Sometimes, checking off a few smaller tasks before you spend real time on a larger project can help you feel more productive and give you the momentum you need to dive into the rest of your day.

Now you’re ready to focus on your big project. Break it down into smaller chunks. Use a project timeline and stick with what you assign.  

If you set two tasks to complete on Monday, complete those and don’t start on the next tasks until the next day of the assignment.

Soon you will feel focused and organized!

4. Trust your intuition

We entrepreneurs wouldn’t embark on creating businesses if we didn’t have that gut feeling.  It leads us to ideas and taking action on those ideas. Most of the time we feel this as a positive, motivational cue to act.  However, we should also be in tune with the negative intuitive feelings. Maybe you are deciding to take on a partner, and you have that feeling of unease (which might be extremely fleeting because you are so excited about the project). Or, you receive a contract you are not sure about, so you ask people around you for advice. What if your gut feeling involves making a decision you cannot share with your significant other? Trust your initial intuition. Unfortunately, I have personal experience with these situations, and in hindsight, the uneasy feeling was there, in the pit of my stomach every time.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

5. Ask for help

If your arms are full and something starts slipping, would you let it fall or would you ask for help from someone nearby?  

I would hope we can all ask for the same help in our businesses (and our personal lives).  It’s important to have someone in your business life to give guidance, support, and accountability.  

Generally, my rule on this is to keep the emotion out of it. Your mentor shouldn’t be your significant other or business partner, but rather someone in your industry with knowledge, experience and maybe a different point of view.  YOU are the expert on YOUR product, but there are others out there that are experts on their products.

This relationship can provide tremendous growth and advancement if you’re strategic about it.  

Don’t be intimidated by reaching out to people. The least they can say is no, and you can move on.

Be clear and forthcoming about your intentions.  Communicate and engage with your mentor.

Plan together.

You will forever forge a bond of success and growth!




Veronica Jeans
Veronica Jeans


Veronica Jeans is a Ecommerce Business Mentor and Marketing Expert. She is passionate about eCommerce businesses and specializes in global ecommerce and online sales trends. A well-traveled individual with international business and financial experience gained in USA, UK, Netherlands, Namibia & South Africa, I help small businesses scale successfully.
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