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5 Quick & Easy Bulletproof Ways to double your sales on your website

by Veronica Jeans | 26 August, 2019 |



5 Secrets to a Successful Online Business

by Veronica Jeans | 02 April, 2019 |

10 Steps How To Revive Your Goals For 2019

by Veronica Jeans | 02 April, 2019 |

How do you know you have arrived if you don't have an idea of where you are going! 

Resolutions are easy to set in January, but have you looked or updated your goals since then?

Tips How To Start A Business From Home

by Veronica Jeans | 18 January, 2019 |

I see so many posts about ladies that need to or want to work from home. And want to do it NOW!

I have a couple of tips and thoughts for you. (I owned a recruiting company in my previous life) 

How To Stand Out In Ecommerce #2: 2 Ways to Make Your Business Standout!

by Veronica Jeans | 13 January, 2019 |

5 Tips How To Personalize Your Ecommerce Store

by Veronica Jeans | 21 October, 2018 |

Updating your 'About' Page Constantly is Important

The last thing you want is someone getting outdated information. 

6 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

by Veronica Jeans | 18 October, 2018 |

When starting your business/eCommerce shop you need to ask:

Why would an online shopper buy your products? What makes your product different than your competition? Are you competing with Amazon's low prices and fast shipping? Is your store more fun to shop in? What makes you unique?

How to add Gift Wrapping to Your Shopify Store

by Veronica Jeans | 06 August, 2018 |

What Does GDPR Mean For Your Ecommerce Store?

by Veronica Jeans | 09 June, 2018 |

By now you should be moving away from these privacy related tasks:

8 Tips on How to Get Your Business Up and Running After a Natural Disaster

by Veronica Jeans | 17 January, 2018 |

Recovering from a natural disaster on a personal level can be time-consuming, traumatizing and difficult all around; but what about your business? Check this out (from the Gazette in 2016):

Everthing about Christmas is GIVING!

by Dave Jeans | 22 December, 2017 |

Living and creating my own Freedom!

by Veronica Jeans | 01 October, 2017 |

I talk about 'Creating your Own Freedom' and how to earn money from your passion.