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My Story

Veronica Lee Jeans Coaching - How to grow your onine business

I have been where you are...

Making money in your online store is HARD. 

You seem to be plugging away, getting overwhelmed, and not making any traction with your store. You feel isolated and frustrated.  You have watched lots of videos, listened to webinars, read books and is too much information. 

I totally understand where you are... because I did all those things as well.

I know what you are going through. I took a step back in my business and realized I had all the tools to succeed.  I have been coaching clients how to improve their businesses, gave them great innovative ideas on how to expand their businesses and keep them focused. All that information I had to apply to myself and my own business. It was the tipping point in my life.

Where I was...

I have started, succeeded and also failed dramatically as an entrepreneur in my own businesses. The most dramatic failure was building a business in 4 years to $2.3 million turnover and then crashing through investor mismanagement. Although every failure only adds to my toolbox as an entrepreneur. The biggest challenge was reinventing myself and not dwelling on past failures.  Ultimately, all those experiences help me help you! 

I have been coaching online business owners how to build and negotiate all the intricacies of running an online store and growing their businesses 300% and more!

We have formed a close-knit community of sharing all our hopes, victories and challenges. And you can be part of it!

What I love...

I love living on my boat, spoiling my grandbabies, having quality time with my kids, meeting with friends, a good glass of wine at sunset, driving my Karman Gia in Spring and Fall with the top down,  and popping back to Namibia to spend time with my other family.

Oh and cooking, reading, teaching people about online business and learning new stuff all the time :)

And, my passion...

I am passionate about teaching people how to start a successful eCommerce business on a small budget. With hands-on training and workshops, you will learn to manage your business without spending a lot of money and I will teach you how to make money doing it!

My Journey

I am originally from Namibia, Africa and lived in South Africa, The Netherlands and now in Houston Texas in the United States. My family has expanded with my two wonderful daughters-in-laws and their families and our grandchildren.

Giving back to our international kids ...

My birth country Namibia is vast with the most amazing people. During one of my visits, I listened to a friend enthuse about his project in the north of Namibia and how the kids and parents are so passionate about joining the new school program. Parents in tribal costume bringing their kids to enroll in the school, knowing that they need a new future. I wanted to part of the solution and help. I have formed a non-profit in the USA - Educate Namibian Kids - which will be launched in June/July, to support the expansion of the Nakayale Private Academy

Educate Namibian Kids

We are dedicated to help the kids of Namibia, in the development of educational infrastructure in the marginalized rural areas of Namibia with the support of the Dirk Mudge Trust Fund in Namibia.


With every new client we coach, we will educate a child in Namibia!

Educate Namibian Kids by Veronica Lee JeansNamibian kids at school in Nakayale Private Academy, first of its kind - Educate Namibian Kids