I want to talk about how to succeed in your eCommerce business.

I built a very successful business supplying IT professionals to some of United States largest and most successful companies... (I am talking about companies like Verizon). In 2 years I turned that initial investment into a very successful company.

Why will you benefit from my business experience?

The simple answer is my experiences in the financial and corporate business have given me the answers to really adhering to my golden rule. Keep your eye on your money.

I have been coaching and teaching online ecommerce business owners to build and negotiate all the intricacies of running an online ecommerce store and growing their businesses to 6 FIGURES and more!

We have formed a close-knit community of sharing all our hopes, victories and challenges. And you can be part of it!

Shopify Made Easy - Veronica jeans author - Shopify 101

Then I Wrote My Book!

In any business, if your process is broken, your business might fail. When you want to scale your business by adding an online store, it might be a harrowing experience if your process does not function correctly.

I have clients that keep asking me the same questions all the time, such as...

  • How do I put my business online?
  • How do you sell my products over the internet?
  • How to best position my products for the most sales?

I did a lot of research and realized there were no books with comprehensive instructions on how to properly set up a Shopify store.

So here is the ultimate “Launch your Shopify” book, aptly called ‘Shopify Made Easy’.

The advice in this book comes from years of experience helping clients with their online businesses.

Throughout this book, you will find an easy to follow blueprint on setting up your Shopify store and resources for more in-depth knowledge, tools, and general information.

Note: This book will not show you how to find products. At this stage of creating your business, you should have your products or a basic idea what you want to sell. This book is about getting your Shopify store up and running!

What I love...

I love living on my boat, spoiling my grandbabies, having quality time with my kids, meeting with friends, a good glass of wine at sunset, and popping back to Namibia to spend time with siblings and parents.

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