Tools for your Shopify store - Marketing, SEO, Apps, Video, Social Media, Research

Domain Name Registration:

Hosting and Domain Name registration

eCommerce Platform:

  • Sign up for Shopify - add all your information.
    If you need more than 14 Days to set up your Store, contact me for an extended time limit.

Social Media Tools:

Social Media Tools on Mobile:

These are Apps that you download on your mobile phone.

  • Page Manager
  • Ads Manager
  • Instagram

Recommended Shopify Apps for Shopify:

These are Apps for a Shopify Online Store.

    1. Look-Reviews
    2. Excelify: Bulk Import Export Update Importing products, collections, all pages, blogs and 301
    3.  BOLD APPS
    4. SUMO
    5. Ship Station
    6. Theme Updater (Out of the Sandbox)
    7. LockSmith - Secure pages/ users per product etc.
    8. Yotpo
    9. Webgility - Inventory & Quickbooks Sync
    10. OptiMonkTaxJar (Watch the video on - Salestax
    11. Rewards & Sweepstakes - I only use the Rewards part of this app.
    12. 22Social - Sweepstakes & Membership - Fantastic
    13. return magic by shopify
    14. INSTAGRAM app
    15. PINTEREST app
    16. FREE Persistant Cart App - shows up on any device they log into.
Quite a lot of FREE Shopify Apps:
  1. KIT
  2. Reviews
  3. MailChimp
  4. CheckOut Video (this is a must)

Lots more and I will add as I can think of them. But these are my go to Apps.

Graphics/ Video:

  • Canva (Image creator)
  • Animoto (Video/ Slider creator)
  • Wave (Video Creator)
  • Pixelz (Service to remove the background of your images & create lifestyle images.)
  • (removes the background for your images)
  • Noun Project - Icons for Free
  • Screenflow– screen recording and editing

  • Loom - Amazing - just started using this and it is great to get quick videos to clients thru emails! but also to your team or customer to show capability from computer. 

Free Photos


Graphic & Video on Mobile:

  • Fontmania
  • SlidemakerPro
  • FilmMakerPro

SEO Tools:

SERP Simulatore

Local SEO Checklist ( I am in the process of updating the links and will post soon)

Keyword Search - Amazon & Google & Etsy

Google Categories - Copy and Paste into Shopify for Google Merchant

 Text, Grammar & Title Tools

  • Gravatar - creator your online profile (FREE) and it is essential for your online presence.
  • Readability tool
  • White Spark - Getting reviews on your Google My Business profile is crucial for local SEO. This tool generates a shareable link that lets customers review your business with one click. Share it via email, on social media, and elsewhere to make the reviewing process as easy as possible for your customers. It’s free to use and generating a “rate and review” link for your business takes seconds.
  • SERP Preview Tool - What your web page will look like in Google’s search results.
  • LSIgraph 
  • J-SON Mark up - Local - improve visibility to the search engines.
  • ETSY Rank
  • Market Muse


    Constant Contact 


      Calendly - Online Appointment Scheduler

      Repurpose Your Video - Upload Podcast to YouTube and Facebook Automatically & Upload Facebook Live to YouTube Automatically.

      Lumen5 - Create Videos of your Blogs

      TubeBuddy - YouTube


        Website Templates:

        Out of the Sandbox Templates

        Video Creating Apps

        Thanks to modern technologies (and market demand), plenty of tools have cropped up to make the lives of marketers and small business owners easier by helping to create and edit video content. These are the tools you can start with:

        • Lumen5 – takes a blog post you’ve already written and turns it into video material
        • Placeit – this platform has a ton of mockups – both mockup images, and, you guessed it, mockup videos. Videos like this onethis or this here let you place your own designs on the t-shirts.
        • Nutshell – combine images, captions, and elements that come together in a mini video
        • Magisto – similar to Nutshell, shoot small video clips on your phone, then add captions, elements, backgrounds, and music


        Facebook Tool

        Use this Facebook tool to check if you’re within the boundaries. 

        Facebook will penalize your content by showing it to fewer people if the image contains too much text.

        Facebook Sharing Debugger

        You can use the Sharing Debugger to see the information that is used when your website content is shared on Facebook, Messenger and other places. The Batch Invalidator will let you refresh this information for multiple URLs at the same time. Open Graph markup lets you take control over how your website content appears to others. Learn More

        Sub Titles

        If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, be sure to subtitle your videos, especially the ones you share on your social media accounts. Yes, it does take a bit of your time, but it’s certain to capture more interest. Here are some free tools you can use to do it:

        T-Shirt Mockup - Shopify Blog