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The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

Donna - The Missing Piece Puzzle Company - JumpStart Your Business 2017


I simply do not know where my business would be without the help of Veronica. Like many, I had a great idea on starting an internet business but didn’t really know where to begin.

Starting up sounds like a simple process, but it is so overwhelming when you have to do it by yourself. Veronica took me by the hand and led me through the most complicated ‘stuff’ on the internet and made it look simple! From SEO, which was a foreign concept to me, to setting up shipping for my store, we have walked through every aspect of the business in a seamless manner, and she makes it easy to understand.

My company has gone from a small business with a great concept to being featured on the TODAY show! We were also named one of the winners in 2015 of The American Small Business Championship from Sams Club and SCORE.

Social Media was another foreign word to me. She truly helped us, while explaining everything so that we have the confidence to now do it on our own. Her help has been priceless.

Donna Marth Brown 
The Missing Piece Puzzle Company - (Retail & Online Store)

Winner of American Small Business Championship 2016

Mystic Knotwork

Matt - Mystic Knotwork - JumpStart Your Business 2017


In a day where ‘Ecommerce’ and ‘business advice’ is everywhere, Veronica stands apart.  Veronica Jeans has provided us with actionable advice during each webinar and discussion we have had.  She made sure we all had ‘homework’ designed to help build our business from a small home based business to the recognized brand we are today. 

She has access to experts and a disarming approach to business that encourages representatives from the biggest names in online media to give her the inside track.  She openly shares that with all of us as her colleagues.  Her open round table approach guided by solid and tested approaches can’t be beat.

I was fortunate to start working with Veronica from 2012 to 2022 and have grown with her. 

I’ve tried working with other marketing specialists, but what Veronica brings I cannot find anywhere else.  Her understanding of the culture of selling, conversation, and technology is a tremendous combination.

Matt Beaudoin

Mystic Knotwork - (Retail & Online Store)

Winner of American Small Business Championship 2016

Parisians Pure Indulgence

Kelli - Parisians Pure Indulgence - JumpStart Your Business 2017


I have been working with Veronica for 8 years now.  She has literally, re-started my business by encouraging my company to re-brand everything, from packaging, to a new user friendly and profitable Shopify web store.

She has vast knowledge of web design, html, social media advertising, and marketing in general.  Every time I speak to her, I learn something new about how to grow our business.

She is generous with her time and energy.  You will get more than your monies worth, working with Veronica.  She keeps up on current marketing trends and seems to genuinely love helping small business owners achieve their dreams!

Kelli Parisian
Parisian’s Pure Indulgence, Inc. - (Retail & Online Store)

Her Tribe Athletics

I cannot say enough about Veronica. Her expertise, knowledge, and hard work are incomparable. She is easy to work with, responds quickly, and is just SO MUCH FUN!!! I highly recommend Veronica (in fact, I can't recommend her enough)! She is the woman you want on your side for ANYTHING related to Shopify!!!!! 

Meg Staples


Meg Staples

Her Tribe Athletics