20 percent text rule in facebook ads

Has your Facebook Ad ever been rejected?

We will show you several ways to solve that problem. The image above has an overlay to show you a grid Facebook uses to test the 20% rule.

5 Of the boxes adds up to 20%. Make sure you don't squeeze in too much text. It will not look good. Check on your Facebook feed to see how text is used in Ads.

Use Canva for Your Images

Canvais definitely the easiest way to create posts and ads for all social media.

Create your image from the standard samples Canva offers you. Then search for "20% text" and 2 overlay samples will be shown.

Drop it into your image and then make sure you drag the square to fit the box. And voila! you have your 20% text for Facebook ads.

How to use Canva for 20 percent rule for text in Facebook adsFacebook Gridtool

You can also use Facebook Gridtool  to check the 20% fit of your text and be within the Facebook paramaters. Facebook gridtool

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