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How your Fans can share your Post

You are posting to a private Facebook group, your members can't effectively share your post. They have to copy and paste because it's a private group.

However, let's say you want to share a new blog post or a free webinar and you want your members to help spread the message to their fans and friends.

First, share your post on your public Facebook Fan/ Business page. Then, from the Facebook business page, share your post to your Private Facebook group. Now,  your members can freely share it because the post originated on a public page.

Happy Sharing!

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Veronica Jeans
Veronica Jeans


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05 February, 2016

Shari Eberts

Thanks for the tip! Sort of a convoluted process, but I guess it makes sense that private things should have the security to remain private. Thanks for the workaround.

04 February, 2016


Leave it to Facebook to make it seem like something so simple to achieve is horribly difficult to execute. Thanks so much for sharing this!! I know it will come in very handy in the near future!! Hugs

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