August 09, 2021

5 Easy Bulletproof Ways to Double Your Online Conversions

By Veronica Jeans Shopify Queen & Bestselling Author
5 Easy Bulletproof Ways to Double Your Online Conversions |

Are you frustrated about your sales? Are your conversions really lackluster in your store?

I know how you feel because a few of my clients had the same problem.

A successful online store is more than adding your products and images. If you are not making any sales, you really only have an online brochure and not an active website.

When customers land on your product page, you don’t want them to be confused. Generally, there are too many choices, no clear action button, or you don’t explain how to use your products.

What is the solution?

You need customers and when those customers land on your online store, you want them to buy! Every page in your store has to be treated like THE MOST important page. You need your customers to trust you enough to buy your products.


There are really only 5 simple steps to setup your page properly. You can do it easily on Shopify. If you are on any other shopping cart, it is just as easy to add.

So I developed what I call it the SALES method:

1. (S)OLVE,





solve one problem - jumpstart method with veronica lee jeans

SOLVE One Problem

  • Concentrate on ONE niche market - ONE product!
  • Your Message must immediately tell people what problem you solve.
  • Your title has to reflect the ONE problem the product is solving. Consider how customers search for your products! They search for products according to their needs.
  • When describing your product's benefits, don’t be too technical (unless you are selling products that require technical jargon).
  • The description has to be scannable to customers.
  • Have more information linked to the page.

Create authority on your website - Jumpstart method with veronica lee Jeans

Position yourself as an Authority about your product.

  • Know your product intimately. People will get a sense very quickly if you are just faking your knowledge.
  • Clear FAQ’s/Help Center - think of problems to solve eg. shipping, how long it takes, etc.
  • Information Page about your products, for instance, ingredients, what your product is made from, shipping information, refund or return information.
  • Create an amazing 'ABOUT PAGE' and talk about your story.

live chat- communicating with your customer - jumpstart method with veronica lee jeans

Communication with your customers should be your top priority.

  • You need several different ways your customer can communicate with you on your website. If you can help your customers immediately to make a decision, it is worth being available. I know you cannot be there 24/7, but it is reasonable to be available during the day and if they send a message, make sure you answer them as soon as you can. It can help to set an auto-response but don't forget to get back to your customer.
  • Your contact information should be available on every page. This is easy to do in the footer or header, which means it will be seen on every page.
  • Social media is another way to communicate with your customers and make them feel comfortable to do business with you.
eye-catching- visuals for your website - jumpstart method with veronica lee jeans

Your customers cannot smell, taste, or feel your product - make your product images appealing.

  • You have to amaze them and show them what they are getting visually. Your image sells the product. Make the image LARGE!
  • The image has to be relevant to the product.
  • Don’t forget the videos to show off your product and even various sides to your products.
  • You have to give them as much information as possible so they can make a decision to purchase your product.
  • Your 'Call to Action' button has to be eye-catching and not at the bottom of the page.
  • Be very specific about the actions you want your customers to take.

security - trust for your website - jumpstart method with veronica lee jeans

Now we come to the last step which is Security. You know people buy from people they trust.

  • Add at least 4 TRUST icons, for example, your credit card icons, your trust badges for security, your affiliation badges, guarantee badges.
  • It is a good idea to show them you are PPI and SSL compatible, which means the website is secure for credit card storage (you should not store credit card information anyway), transmitting, login information, etc. Your shopping cart and credit card merchant should have this information available.
  • Offer your customers rock-solid money-back guarantees. By reducing the perceived risk with a guarantee, you build relationships with your customers that inspires trust. It is possibly the strongest sales tool anyone can leverage. The guarantee tells the customer that you stand behind and believe in your product.
LOL strategy to jumpstart method with veronica lee jeans

I will close with this TIP TO YOU...

The LOL Strategy

  • Listen to your customers, see what they need, and not what you think they need.
  • Offer them something more than they expect, and they will return.
  • Look after your customers, make them feel special and they will stay.