November 28, 2016

How to get around Facebook 20% rule

By Veronica Jeans

Creating ads in Facebook you are only allowed 20% text on your image. It is rejected if your image does not comply! Here is a little trick to get more bang for your ad and add more text to your image.

In this ad it really looks like it should be less than 20% right? But remember, 20% is the space of the text measured on the image.

Instead of making the image 1200 x 630 (perfect ad image size), create a 1200px x 1200px image size but make sure your ad (ie your product and text) fits in the middle of the image, because only 600 x 315 will show...that is why your products are chopped off at the top and bottom when you post an image.

Examples of the images and how it looks in the Facebook ad above.

You will not see the lightened part at the top and bottom in the image, in your ad.

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