February 08, 2017

How To Get FREE Exposure For Your Business in 2017

By Veronica Jeans

Small business competition for free exposure

It is not easy starting your business and letting your customers know you are around. So how do you get some FREE exposure?

Small business competition is an example to get people excited about helping you and your reward is some FREE exposure and warm referrals.

Research and join small business competitions and make sure your brand story is appealing and your images or video are professional. What will make you better than your competition. And always read the instructions and rules.

Two of my customers won this competition in their state in 2016 and we had fun helping them vote for the competition. The Missing Piece Puzzle Company had the local newspaper and radio station rooting for her and it was a major boost to her sales and lots of exposure. This year Donna, owner of The Missing Piece Puzzle Company, encouraged my participation. It is a great idea and the benefit is some more exposure and participation for her customers. This is one way to get your customers involved and making sure they don't forget about you. As I discussed in this article - 'How Do Online Store Owners Stand Out With All The Noise' - People do business with people they know.

Mystic Knotwork was as diligent tfor his local community who all helped to get him more votes. And don't forget his employees and family right?

For some reason, in this competition you can vote 10X every hour which is really strange. But I think is is all about the effort you put in to win! Being a small business is not easy and why should winning money be easy. That is my theory :)

So click on the image below and .....

Vote for me badge - Jumpstart Method

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