October 01, 2017

How use Facebook Bluetooth Beacon for your Business

By Veronica Jeans
how to use facebook bluetooth beacon in your local business

How you can enhance your local business with Facebook

Facebook rolled out this feature to businesses in June, 2015. If you have a local business, I think this is excellent exposure for you to your customers in the area. Most people are on mobiles and tend to check in when they get to places. Your business will pop up on their mobiles with your information.

First you have to request a Facebook Bluetooth® beacon from Facebook for your business. It is an extremely easy setup once you receive it. Setup is very easy - get started on your Facebook business page > Settings > Place Tips. You can either leave your business description you have for your page or write a custom message.

For any local business, this is excellent exposure to your customers in the area on mobiles. Mention welcomes, discounts, specials or something to make your customers feel really special.

Place Tips

Place Tips under Settings on your Facebook business page show your customer's information relevant to their visit. Your message will pop up when they Check-in on Facebook while visiting your business. They'll see information like popular menu items, photos from their friends, reviews and more.

Local Customers

My local customers are using the Facebook Bluetooth beacon and we think it really identifies the business with a welcome message to their customers. As a local business, utilize all your social media and direct marketing avenues together. One does not work exclusively without the other and as a small business, you have to take advantage of all the opportunities to market your company, paid or free!

How to Test Your Facebook Beacon

How to test your facebook bluetooth beacon

1. Open Facebook settings and select "Location"

2. Select "Place Tips"

3. Turn on "Place Tips in News Feed"

4. Turn on Bluetooth in iPhone's settings

5. Tap the Place Tip in your News Feed

Here is the link to request a Facebook Beacon

Here is the link How To Setup Facebook Beacon by Facebook for FREE!