The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Launch Your Shopify Store Successfully!

Here’s the truth, friend — many people dream of starting a business, but few take action and make it happen...



Book & Course | veronica jeans best selling author, ecommerce Shopify coach and mentor

In any business, if your process is broken, your business might fail. When you want to scale your business by adding an online store, it might be a harrowing experience if your process does not function correctly.

The same questions pop up all the time, such as...

  • How do I put my business online?
  • How do you sell my products over the internet?
  • How to best position my products for the most sales?

I did a lot of research and realized there were no books with comprehensive instructions on how to properly set up a Shopify store.

The advice in this book comes from years of experience helping clients with their online businesses.

Throughout this book, you will find an easy to follow blueprint on setting up your Shopify store and resources for more in-depth knowledge, tools, and general information.

30 Videos To Launch Your Store

Creating Your Online Business

Video 1 - Technology & Your Name

Video 2 - Create Your Shopify Store

Video 3 - Shopify, Domains & Emails

Video 4 - Create Your Shopify Business 

Video 5 - Setup Your Financials

Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Video 6 - Understanding Your Shopify Settings

Video 7 - Shipping Basics & Locations 

Video 8 - Automated Email Notifications in Shopify 

Video 9 - All The Legal Stuff 

Video 10 - Storyboarding Your Collection 

How To Brand Your Shopify Store

Video 11 - How To Use Tags To Automate Your Store 

Video 12 - Visual Branding

Video 13 - Your Images & Canva

Video 14 - Videos & Wave 

Video 15 - How To Use Your Editor - WYSIWYG

Your Products In Your Shopify Store

Video 16 -  Creating your Collections

Video 17 - Products

Video 18 - Gift Cards

Video 19 -  Keywords & Phrases

Video 20 - Search Engine Listing Preview

Information For Your Customer

Video 21 - Information For Your Customers - Pages

Video 22 - Personalize your Shopify store

Video 23 - Your Story - Your About Page

Video 24 -  Blogs & Blogging

Video 25 - Improving Your Processes

Launching Your Shopify Store

Video 26 - Navigating Your Customers Through Your Store

Video 27 - Choosing a  Theme & Branding

Video 28 - Tracking: Pixels & Google Tags

Video 29 - Social Smarts 

Video 30 - Launch!!! - Add Sales Channels & Get Customers