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Useful Tools for eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Domain Name Registration and Hosting

  • Shopify Partners - Get a free trial for your eCommerce store, including domain registration and business emails.
  • BlueHost - Hosting service that includes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for non-eCommerce websites.
  • GoDaddy - Domain registration service (SSL is an extra cost).

Shopify Store Themes

Free Shopify Apps




Sales Apps - Marketplaces

Social Media Tools

Social Media Planners

  • HelloWoofy - AI-powered social media management.
  • Buffer - Social media scheduling and analytics.
  • Click To Tweet - Create tweetable links.
  • Hubspot - Inbound marketing and sales software.
  • Linktree - Create a landing page for your Instagram bio.
  • Linkpop (Shopify)

Graphics and Video Tools

  • Canva - Graphic design platform.
  • Animoto - Video creation tool.
  • Wave - Online video maker.
  • Pixelz - Product image editing service.
  • - Remove image backgrounds automatically.
  • Noun Project - Icons and stock photos.
  • Screenflow - Screen recording and video editing software.
  • Loom - Video messaging for work.

Free Stock Photos and Videos

    • Unsplash - Offers a vast collection of high-quality photos contributed by photographers worldwide. The platform is well-known for its wide variety of stunning, professionally-shot images available for free use in both personal and commercial projects.
    • Startup Stock Photos - Specifically designed for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators, and everyone else. It provides free stock photos that are particularly suitable for business and tech-related content.
    • New Old Stock - Features vintage photos from public archives. It is an excellent resource for those who need historical or old-fashioned imagery for projects that require a nostalgic feel.
    • Wikimedia Commons - A massive database of over 50 million freely usable media files, including photos, diagrams, videos, and more. All content is available under free licenses or in the public domain.
    • Super Famous - Offers stunning nature and abstract images that can be used for free under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which requires attribution to the creator.
    • Death to the Stock Photo - A unique service that started as a subscription-based model but also offers free photos via email. Their images are creative and go beyond the typical stock photo feel.
    • Pexels - Offers thousands of high-quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This license allows for a wide range of uses, including commercial applications, without any attribution required.
    • Pixabay - A resource for stunning public domain images, videos, and music, all released under CC0. It's a great choice for finding versatile media for use in any type of project.
    • Shopify Burst - A resource from Shopify that provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Photos are both high in quality and resolution and tailored for use in ecommerce websites, but they can be used for other types of projects as well.
    • Flickr Commons - A collection of publicly available image archives from various organizations around the world.
    • - Offers a large selection of high-resolution photos that are free from copyright restrictions.
    • Reshot - Provides uniquely free photos that are handpicked to ensure high quality and to stand out from typical stock photos.
    • RawPixel - Offers a diverse collection of free images, including public domain works and their own unique photos.
    • ISO Republic - Provides high-quality, free stock photos and videos for creatives.
    • Picjumbo - Offers a range of free images for commercial and personal use, with new photos added regularly.
    • SplitShire - Provides free stock photos and videos by a single photographer, aimed at increasing the quality of available free resources.
    • Gratisography - Offers free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects, with new pictures added weekly.
    • FreeImages - Provides a wide variety of images uploaded by users; you can find images for all uses, from digital to print.
    • LibreShot - A collection of photos taken by a single photographer, free to use even for commercial purposes without attribution required.

Mobile Apps for Graphics and Video

  • Fontmania
  • SlidemakerPro
  • FilmMakerPro

Video Creation Tools

  • Lumen5 - Turn blog posts into video content.
  • Placeit - Video mockups and templates.
  • Nutshell - Create mini-videos from images and captions.
  • Magisto - AI-powered video creation and editing.
  • Wondershare

SEO Tools

Content and Grammar Tools

Email Marketing Providers

Marketing and Scheduling Tools

  • Hubspot - Inbound marketing and sales software.
  • Calendly - Scheduling software for booking appointments.

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Bestselling author - Shopify Made Easy books.

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