Step-By-Step Approach To Grow Your Business

I'll walk you through the step-by-step approach how I helped my clients to grow their business 300%, PLUS we will create your plan to create massive growth in your business.

Hands-On Workshop to Create Your Ecommerce Shopify Store and Business

Hands-On Workshop to Create Your Ecommerce Shopify Store and Business


You had a step-by-step, proven business plan for finding your customers, increasing your sales, and doing more of what you love?


Each step you completed instantly delivered measurable results you could celebrate.


Every single morning, you know the one thing you need to focus on that will make you Jump Start your business and your life?

The Social Media & Shopify Workshop is the right fit for you if...

You are a purpose driven small business owner who wants to expand your presence online.

You have been trying to figure out how to structure a business around your products and services.

You have trouble with what to offer and how to price it.You’re tired of wasting hours and resources on Facebook posts that ‘go nowhere’!

You have learned a lot of theory and what to do *after* you have a successful course, but aren't sure what to do NOW.

You can't ignore your dream, and you know people need your products or services you have.

In this hands-on working session we will cover:

A 360 View of Your Business Create Your Clear and Distinctive Branding Message

Identify Your IDEAL Customers Learn the Secrets to Creating your

Marketing JumpStart Formula

Create Your Evergreen Sales Funnel Roadmap

Learn How to Package Yourself and Your Product

Get Some Feedback On Your Website & Marketing