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1. The training videos are in a specific order. Please work through them in the order they come. Don’t skip any. This is a proven process that will get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. This system works. Even if you feel like a lesson isn’t right for you, I urge you to get stuck in regardless.

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These are all your modules for your course. The videos are created in each guide so it is easy to follow and move to the next video.

Follow each video sequentially and you will have a successful business to launch!

I have created the 30 videos for the Launch Your Shopify Store Course because it is a huge undertaking to create a store and know where to add all your information and not feel overwhelmed.

You can take your time to create your store. View a video every day - do it at your own pace. Each video will deal with just one aspect of your store and your online business.
Find all the videos in the FACEBOOK MEMBER GROUP:
Bestselling author - Shopify Made Easy books.

Bestselling author - Shopify Made Easy books.

I have integrated my extensive knowledge in the field of eCommerce, along with my international financial expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.

I has been working in international business for over 35 years ,and my key to success has been never giving up on anything!

You can access all my books right here in my store or...

Check Out All My Books

Seth Greene from Sharkpreneur Podcast interview - Clip of how I started!

Seth Greene from Sharkpreneur Podcast interviewed me and this is a clip of how I started in the Ecommerce business.

I love teaching...

I am passionate about teaching people how to start a successful eCommerce business on a small budget. With hands-on training and workshops, you will learn to manage your business without spending a lot of money and I will teach you how to make money doing it!

Lecturer at the Polish College Civitas '21 & '22

I love teaching international students at the college level and showing them how to start an online business and how they will succeed. The students attending the college are from all over the world - Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, India, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Khazakstan. etc.....and Poland :)

"Thank you, professor. This was the most interesting and practical lecture that I had" ~ a Student of class '22 at the Polish University Civitas

It has been encouraging to see the progress and enthusiasm to start their own businesses and ideas. 


My Adventures

My Adventures

I am originally from Namibia, Africa, born and bred. I only left Namibia to go to college because there was no higher education in Namibia. At that stage we were South West Africa.

I lived in South Africa, whre I collected a hubby and kids and then we moved to The Netherlands and now in Houston Texas in the United States. 

My family has expanded with my two wonderful daughters-in-law and their families and our grandchildren.

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