FAQ - workshops & course #4

Who are these workshops for?

Whether you’re at Day 1 of starting your new business, turning your part-time gig into your full-time business, or ready to scale, you’re in the right place to learn and grow your business.

How much do the sessions cost?

We offer some basic packages as mentioned above, but any session can be tailored to your needs. Tell us your pain points and we will provide an expert to help you, at a budget you can afford.

Do I need to have a Shopify store to take a course?

No, you can take a course without having a store. That said, each session is designed so that you can follow along with your own business. Learning is easier when you follow along, so we recommend starting a free 14-day trial to improve your experience.

Do I need to be technically savvy to take these courses?

No, each course has been developed and designed assuming you have no prior technical knowledge. Similarly, Shopify is a simple, easy-to-use platform and we encourage you to start a store and follow along.