My birth country Namibia is vast with the most amazing people. During one of my visits, I listened to a friend enthuse about his project in the north of Namibia and how the kids and parents are so passionate about joining the new school program. Parents in tribal costumes bring their kids to enroll in the school, knowing that they need a new future. I wanted to be part of the solution and help. I have formed a non-profit in the USA - Educate Namibian Kids - which will be launched in June/July, to support this endeavor.

Educate Namibian Kids

We are dedicated to helping the kids of Namibia, in the development of educational infrastructure in the marginalized rural areas of Namibia with the support of the Dirk Mudge Trust Fund in Namibia.


With every new client we coach, we will educate a child in Namibia!

Educate Namibian Kids by Veronica Lee JeansNamibian kids at school in Nakayale Private Academy, first of its kind - Educate Namibian Kids Giving back to our international kids ...