June 10, 2021

The Ultimate Checklist For Your Shopify Online Store

By Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen
The Ultimate Checklist For Your Shopify Online Store | veronicajeans.com

Why do you need a workbook or checklist to set up your Shopify Store?

You are getting ready to launch your Shopify store, but it is very confusing because there are SO MANY moving parts. It is hard to juggle all the details and remember what you added when and where.

Even reading all the blogs, or listening to webinars just creates more confusing because not one follows and shows you the right steps from beginning to end.

So to be really successful with any project, you have a checklist right? You have a shopping list, a recipe list, an exercise list etc. So if you need to reduce stress and streamline the work that needs to get done, you use a checklist.

This Shopify store checklist is a little bit different because we have turned the checklist into a workbook and a little bit of a set up journal!

The checklist is based on my book 'Shopify Made Easy' which shows you the methodical way to implement your Shopify store and get it up and running easily.

This is your ULTIMATE checklist for your Shopify store:

How To Set Up Your Shopify Store For Success - Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Business Consultant & Bestselling Author - Shopify Made Easy

1. Set Up Your Shopify Store

Brand assessment & Shopify store registration including tips about naming your store.

Registering your Shopify store is the start of your online business. The next step will be to create your online presence for consumers to find your store. Your online store name is crucial to the success of your business and in this article are some ideas how to choose a good name or a fabulous name.

Article #1: How To Set Up Your Shopify Store For Success

2. Register Your Domain & Store Name

You can register your domain in Shopify or with a third-party host. Depending where you register your new store domain, you will set up your email adressess for your store.

Article #2: How To Create Your Shopify Store Name & Domain Name & Email Business Address

3. Add Your Online Business Information

Business information for your Shopify store is the foundation of your online store to keep your protected.

Article #3: How Important Is Your Business Information In Shopify

4. Add Your Payment And Checkout Options

Understanding your money and how to get securely paid, is important. Adding the correct checkout options to your store according to your niche market, will help your customers.

Here is a series of articles:

1. How To Set Up Your Financial Information In Shopify? #4

2. How To Set Up PayPal Express & Amazon Pay In Your Shopify Store #4

3. How To Get Paid From Your Payment Provider In Shopify? #4

4. How To Set Up Your Checkout Your Shopify Store #4

5. Shipping & Locations For Your Business.

Set up your locations and shipping rates of your store so the process is seamless.

Article #5: How To Set Up Your Shipping & Distribution Locations In Your Shopify Store #5

6. Brand Your Automated Email Notifications

Personalize your email notifications with your brand and voice to be different and memorable.

Article #6: How To Set Up & Optimize Your Automated Email Notifications in Shopify #6

7. Create Legal Documentation For Your Business

Your legal documentation for your eCommerce store to protect your business.

Article #7: How To Set Up All Your Legal Requirements In Shopify #7

8. Create A Logical Path For Your Customer

Create a clear picture of how and where your products will appear in your online store with your products and collections by starting your storyboard.

Article #8: How To Set Up Your Shopify Store Correctly For Great Conversions #8

9. Automate Your Store With Tags

Logical tags will make your life easier and automate a lot of tasks. Add all your tags to know where, how and what they are and how to be strategic .

Article #9: How To Use Tags To Automate Your Shopify Store #9

10. Visually Brand Your Store

Your brand strategy will help define how your customers see your business and product.

Article 10: Why It Is Important To Visually Brand Your Shopify Store #10

11. Create Your Collections For Your Shopify Store

The information you add to your collection depends on your type of customer and the information your customer needs to make a decision to buy.

Article 11: How To Create your Collections In Your Shopify Store #11

12. Add Your Products To Your Store

An in-depth understanding of the information you need to create a great product page and get amazing conversions.

1. How To Create Successful Products Pages In Your Shopify Store

2. How To add Your Products Manually In Your Shopify Store

3. How Add Product Photos, Images & Video To Your Shopify Store

4. Tips How To PRICE Your Product sFOR Your Shopify Store

5. How Add Your Product Information For Your Shopify Store

6. Shipping Information For Your Products In Your Shopify Store

7. How To Add Product Options & Variants In Your Shopify Store

8. How To Optimize Your Product Page For Google In Shopify

9. How To Sell More Products With Sales Channels In Your Shopify Store

10. Strategically Organize Your Products For More Sales In Your Shopify Store

11. Optimize Your Product Pages For Great Conversions In Your Shopify Store

12. How To Upload Your Products In Bulk To Shopify

13. How To Create 2 Types Of Gift Cards In Your Shopify Store

13. Add Your Information Pages

Add information for your customers about your store and products as you can so that they feel comfortable shopping with you.

Article 13: How To Improve Your Information Pages For Your Customers In Shopify #13

14. Write Your Story For Your Online Presence

As a small business, you have to distinguish yourself from your competition by personalizing your business.

Article #14: How to Write Your Story On Your About Page In Shopify #14

15. Add Apps To Your Store For Your Processes

Apps to make your processes more automated and enhance your customer’s experience in your store.

Article #15: How To Improve Your Shopify Store With Apps #15

16. Create Your Navigation For Your Store

Your navigation in your Shopify store will enable your customers to find your products.

Article #16: How to Customize Your Navigation & Menus In Shopify #16

17. Implement Your Theme & Brand

Themes & Branding -Creating all the sections to be added to your theme before you launch your store. Add your chosen theme and branding to launch your store.

Article #17: How To Choose & Implement Your Theme In Shopify Store #17

I wish you all the very best on your Shopify set up!