NEW! Shopify Made Easy [2024]: Grow Your Shopify Business - Book 3

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Shopify Made Easy - Start Your Online Store is the first installment in the 2023 series.

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Shopify Made Easy - Start Your Online Store;is the first installment in the 2023 series, in a groundbreaking series created by Bestselling author, Veronica Jeans, to take you by the hand and walk you into the world of e-commerce.

This step-by-step instruction gives E-commerce entrepreneurs the knowledge and confidence to use the Shopify shopping platform as an effective business tool.

In Shopify Made Easy, you'll find:

- Up-to-date tuition for the 2023 version of Shopify to take advantage of the latest upgrades

- Pro tips for marketing to the right consumers so that sales will skyrocket

- Optimization guide for selling more products faster

- Helpful advice for understanding finances so you can stride forth with confidence

- Access to thirty how-to videos to prevent headaches and jumpstart your e-shop, and much, much more!

Shopify Made Easy is an indispensable tool for expanding your professional horizons. If you like easy-to-follow examples, actionable instruction, and digestible information, then you’ll love Veronica Jeans’s invaluable resource.