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Shopify Video Course to launch your Shopify store.

You bought the Shopify books and need some more support?

We have different Shopify courses to help you launch your store succesfully with support.

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Tools & resources for your Shopify store - Veronica Jeans shopify queen and bestselling author


  • Branding List for your business: link on G-drive.
  • Business Information Checklist: Link on G-Drive - Click here.
  • Break-even Analysis formula spreadsheet: Find out how many units you need to sell after overheads. Get Your Spreadsheet here.
  • FREE design time from Shopify (see below)

    This is the page for all the tools you will need for your Shopify store or website. from Shopify Apps, Marketing, SEO, Videos, and more. 

    I use all these tools or have used them for my clients.

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    Are you doing Live Videos and Recording?

    Here are some tools that I use in my Lives.
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    Shopify Theme support - Veronica Jeans Shopify Queen & Bestselling author


    Theme Support customizations

    Each paid Shopify account receives 60 minutes of design time from Shopify Theme Support. This design time can be used to add specific features to a theme that can help your store make sales.

    The following customizations can be made to OS2.0 themes by Shopify Support. Review the description of each supported customization to determine which customizations might help your business.

    Link to Shopify page!

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