December 19, 2016

How to Secure your Facebook Pages when they are Hacked

By Veronica Jeans

Facebook personal pages are being hacked under your name.

Your friends think they are 'friending' you AGAIN, and so the page gets populated. Then, you get a ping from Facebook Messenger and it says the following -

Facebook scam

facebook scam on messenger

I realized this was an odd conversation because my aunt would definitely not talk about cash and stuff on Facebook Messenger. She worked in the bank for 40 years and knows that is an absolute no-no!

This was the first scam and after the second one I did some research and found this on Facebook Help.

I copied this straight from Facebook Help!

Login Notifications

Login alerts are an extra security feature. When you turn on login alerts, we'll send you a notification if someone tries logging into your account from a new place.

To turn on login alerts:

  1. Go to your Security Settings
  2. Click the Login Alerts section
  3. Choose the type of alert (ex: email alerts) you'd like to receive and click Save Changes

After you turn on login alerts:

  • You can save a device or browser to your list of trusted browsers or recognized devices. This way, you won't get alerts about the computer or phone you usually use to log into Facebook. Don't choose this option if you're using a public computer.
  • If you ever receive a login alert from an unfamiliar browser or location, follow the instructions in the notification to reset your password and secure your account.

If you're being asked to name a device you've already logged in from, make sure your device is listed in Your Browsers & Apps in your security settings, and turn off private browsing.