June 25, 2020

20+ Ways Repurpose Content In Your Ecommerce Online Business

By Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen
20+ Ways Repurpose Content In Your Ecommerce Online Business | veronicajeans.com

Repurposing your content means:

  • Get an SEO boost.
  • Reach a new audience.
  • Reinforce your message.
  • Gain extra authority.

Here's how to do it:

1. Blogs

Writing a fresh new blog seems overwhelming and cumbersome sometimes. Guess what? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can use case studies or customer questions as a foundation to your post. Like this:

"Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. A business blog is a marketing channel (just like social media, direct mail, email marketing, etc.) that helps support business growth. ~ Article by Hubspot"

You can then expand on this point.

2. On Your Website/Store

Always have your content somewhere on your homepage and linked in your menus and footers. This ensures maximum visibility and ease in which your audience can access your content.

3. Add to Email

I find so many ecommerce clients not utilizing their email list at all after the first couple of emails. You must keep a consistent touchpoint all the time. Use your blog or your social posts in your emails as a template. Always lead back to your website in your email!

Automate, automate, automate! Set yourself up on an email sequence triggered by certain actions or so many days from the previous email.

Create a blog feed straight to your email with rss feed capabilities.

4. Facebook Business Page - Posts

Post your blogs and news to your Facebook personal page and business page. It is not a good idea to sell on your personal page because remember, this is social media and your friends like to see social and personal information. Your personal audience dislikes being sold to. You can inform your friends about what is going on in your life with a casual mention of your business.

You can re-post your news on different days and at different times because some of your audience isn't on social media all at the same time.

Here's some easy steps to follow:
Use your link from your blog and an excerpt to create a post on Facebook. Your preview image should immediately insert into the post. If not, upload your preview image from your blog. ALWAYS have an image. You can't create authority if your links never pull in a photo.

5. Facebook Business Page - Notes

Not many businesses use Facebook Notes. Did you know about them? Facebook Notes can increase your SEO and visibility because now your original post and your notes will appear for relevant searches. Use your Facebook Notes for reposting your blogs or even random quotes and musings.

Add your blog title and a longer excerpt from your blog (news) and images as well. Don't forget to add the badge and links to the other website.

Here are tips on how to set up and use Facebook Notes.

6. Instagram

Instagram won't let you post a link to your blog, but you can still post your blog! Use a long excerpt in the caption and the image from the post. Don't forget relevant hashtags so your audience can find you. Put the link to the blog in your bio and tell your audience to "click the link in bio to read more".

Don't forget to use Instagram stories too!

7. Pinterest

Utilize Pinterest just as you would Facebook or Instagram. Upload an image and link it back to your blog post with a long description excerpt. Use about three hashtags at the end. If you mention a product be sure to also link this.


Keen is a new Google platform that operates similarly to Pinterest. Take advantage of a new channel that isn't as saturated.

9. LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn is has been an overlooked Social Media platform - it started out as a recruiting tool but it has now expanded to be similar to the likes of Facebook. Repurpose your content here too. Use a slightly different tone and focus on the business aspects of your company. Show your authority with curated articles. USe three hashtags at the end of your post.

10. Google My Business

Google My Business is still in play. You should still post daily here, but it's likely you have to manually post. If you want, you can pare down to just your blogs. Just copy and paste!

11. Facebook Group

If you offer a Facebook Group, be sure to also post your blogs here. Your private groups want VIP value, so show them what you have.

12. Personal Facebook Page

Casually posting your blog every now and again to your personal Facebook page is an ok idea. Pick out a short but relevant quote and paste it as your caption.

13. YouTube

Video can grow your business 49 percent faster, according to Hubspot and you will have 10x higher reach if you upload your native video to Facebook instead of a just a YouTube link. And it creates a deeper relationship with your customers and viewers.

Create a video for your blog. This can be in the form of screenshots or you can film yourself reading your blog! Get creative.

14. Vimeo

Use the video you created for Youtube and upload it here as well.

15. Advertising

Turn your blog into an ad. Grab your image and write a catchy caption. Define your audience and VOILA!

16. Videos (Lumen & Canva & Wave)

Easy to follow steps in creating a video:

Create a Video about your blog/information. Upload to Facebook if you have a video and post. Upload to YouTube. Download the embed code to your blog from Vimeo or Wave.

17. Slideshow

Create a slideshow of images with excerpts from y our blog as the captions. Upload to all your channels.

18. E-Book

Gather all your blog posts from a certain period of time, maybe 6 months? Re-format them to compile an e-Book. An e-Book is a great way to build trust and gain authority from your audience as well as building a new one.

19. Create an infographic

Hop into Canva, search templates for 'infographic', and take your blog post to a visual level. Use the important points as graphical points in your design.

20. Refresh and republish old posts

My rule of thumb is to wait three months from the last posting of a blog post to refresh the links and add some bullet points to republish again.

21. Repost and re-promote to social media

Reposting on social is a good idea too as long as it's been a month or so from the last post and you change the caption a little.

No matter what you do, even implementing a few of these ideas will increase your visibility and provide some structure to your content. Happy posting!


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