November 19, 2022

Tips On How To Create A Relationship With Your Customers

By Veronica Jeans Shopify Queen & Bestselling Author
Tips On How To Create A Relationship With Your Customers | Veronica Jeans

It is the little things in life that make a difference.

As you know, I have been traveling lately. When I entered the USA, I did not pick up my bag before passing through passport control. I assumed my bag would follow me to Houston.

United airlines made sure I had my bag delivered to my boat! But, the best was the airline apologized and promised to get the bag to me as quickly as possible.

And I must say, this is the second time it has happened and it was my fault both times. Guess what? I LOVE United and will fly with them as much as I can.

So when we sell stuff to our customers, the little things make a difference. 

For instance, I called one of our customers for (I look after the Shopify store for them), and he had just spent $$$$. During our chat, he revealed that they are building an outdoor area and wanted more of the similar sculptures he had bought. Because I made an effort to communicate, it will increase our online sales in the future.

Black Friday and the Holidays are upon us, and if you have an eCommerce store, I hope you have everything in place to make some excellent sales.

Here are some TIPS to solidify your relationship with your customers:

1. Make sure your email automation is in place. Brand all your emails in your store!

2. Website Widgets - Make sure your online chat options are activated. Customers like to communicate immediately; even if you are unavailable 24/7, they will leave an email address (hurray). You can still communicate with them after they are on your website.

3. If you don't have one already, create a quick thank you video for your order notification.

4. Send your customers instructions on how to use your products by email.

5. If it is after Thanksgiving, send your customers a Christmas card with a discount.

6. Offer an incentive (giveaway/order refund/chance to win a gift card, etc.) for submitting product photos, reviews, tagging in stories, etc. (you decide!). It's a fun way to give back to your customers AND get more social proof for future customers! Win-win.

7. AFTER the holidays - Send a special offer to customers as a thank you for their support during the holiday season. (optional: share a little sneak/ps. on Instagram to let them know its coming + add a little FOMO to non-customers)

8. After-Sale Survey - easiest way to get referrals & reviews

9. Mailed personalized and handwritten card - thank you

LAST but not least...

Find the top problems your customers face that you can solve. And how do you do that?

I call it the LOL Strategy.

  • Listen to your customers, and see what they need, not what you think they need.
  • Offer them something more than they expect, and they will return.
  • Look after your customers, make them feel special, and they will stay.

Your customer will drive your marketing and sales! If they like you and trust you, they will buy from you.




PostPilot for cards - they will mail them to your customers. (Shopify App) for cards, but you will have to mail them yourself.


Here is a quick video I created...for my Lives. Watch:


I write every day and use this tool for emails and blogs and improving my writing:

Chat next week, and have a fabulous rest of the weekend!



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