Video and Recording Tools - Lights, Gear, Tripods and Mikes.


I use the small light for my phone (selfies) and the larger lights when I do videos. So it is more of a controlled recording.

More Lights

Some more suggestions for lights especially for taking production shots and even for videos when demonstrating your products etc.

Lights for video - product videos - from Home Depot - Veronica Jeans Ecommerce Coach and Marketing strategist
These lights are from Home Depot/local hardware store and get daylight bulbs - about $6.28

Cameras, Background and Accessories

I use the screen for a background and the opposite side for a greenscreen. I use my mobile phone for all my videos and the 1080 is an easy webcam for your computer and is better than your computer camera. I use if for my workshop sessions or more formal Lives on Facebook/YouTube which works with my eCamm software for my Mac.


I use all of these tripods and for my big lights, my tripods were included. They are heavy duty so I don't travel with them.


I use all these mikes.

More Gear

Some more suggestions for gear. I have not bought these but they look cool.

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