November 21, 2016

What's happening to Facebook 20% rule?

By Veronica Jeans

So just last month I talked about Facebook 20% text rule and how to stay within the parameters of Facebook's parameters. But, it has changed again. You are not limited to the 20% text rule anymore. Facebook, we presume listened to all the grousing and is phasing the rule out. You can have as little or as much as you desire, but there is a caveat.

Your ads are now graded into low, medium or high text and you are charged accordingly. Facebook Help Center has more details on the rule changes.

The bottom line is - test your ads and see which ones convert the best. Facebook is a very social platform and people react to visual stimulation rather than the text on the images. There is no hard and fast rule as any experienced marketer will tell you. Testing is the only way to determine what YOUR customer likes and responds to.

I have done some research and nothing is mentioned on Facebook yet or on the Net, but the Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith did mention in one of her chats on Facebook.

Check out the 4 Important Facebook Changes by Mari Smith & Saikat Mati.

The Marketing Specialist blog nails it on the head, because it probably is all about money. But then, we are all in business to make money and why not Facebook as well.