May 05, 2021


By Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen

Pro Tip #1. Start with the basics.

When it comes to ensuring the best chance of success, you’ll want to get these three basics right - right from the start.

Hannah Martin is the founder of Business Mom Collective which helps success-driven moms start and grow their online business, she’s featured on the Brilliant Business Moms Podcast, Proofread Anywhere, and Work-At-Home School.

She explains...

“Do the groundwork! There are some business basics that you NEED if you want to get a successful side hustle off the ground. It can be tempting to take shortcuts but if you get these key areas wrong, you’ll just end up disappointed. Here are the three key basics:

“Research your audience. Work out who needs what you are selling and why. Tell these people why they need to solve their problem now and how you help.

“Get your pricing right. Too many entrepreneurs build businesses that will never make money because they haven’t done basic business math. Know how much it costs you to create and sell your offering and add a sufficient profit margin.

“Always be selling. If you don’t do sales, you won’t get sales. It’s as simple as that! Learn what a sales funnel is, build yours and work it consistently.”

Pro Tip #2. Challenge your beliefs.

It might surprise you to read this, but a huge part of side hustle success comes from having the right beliefs about your business and about yourself.

Featured in Being Boss, the Female Entrepreneur Association, Belong Magazine, and the Young Female Entrepreneurs podcast, Shannon DePalma is a leading financial coach for female entrepreneurs who want to get wealthy.

Her top tip?

“Change the way you think, feel, and believe about money. If you’re undercharging in your side hustle because you think no one will pay your business won’t grow. If you’re thinking rich people are jerks then you won’t become rich.

“I used to think that what I thought about money had no affect on how much money I was making. I was proven wrong when my business made close to 6 figures all because I started changing the way I thought about money.

“Ask yourself this question: Why would you not want to make a lot of money in your side hustle this year? What scary decisions or actions or things would you have to do if you make a lot of money this year?”

Pro Tip #3. Get blogging!

Even in 2021, blogging is still a fantastic way to share what you love AND earn substantial money on the side. Many bloggers earn up to four figures (and more!) a month, (find out exactly how you too can do that in The Side Hustle Toolbox 3.0).

Recognized and featured in Business Digest, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and HuffPost, Amira Irfan is a business lawyer, entrepreneur, and founder of Self Guru, which has generated $1 million in revenue and assisted over 30,000 entrepreneurs in less than three years.

She says...

“Blogging allows you to work from anywhere in the world while still maintaining your full-time job and setting your own working hours. It has a low startup cost, and the earning potential is limitless. When I was looking for a side hustle to supplement my income, I chose blogging, and it has provided me with a six-figure income as well as the freedom to quit my 9 to 5 job even during the pandemic!

Pro Tip #4. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Every side hustler before you has been there...gone down a path and hit a brick wall, picked themselves up and started over again. But why should you? You can gain a massive head start from those who have been there, done it, and learned what NOT to do.

Julie Eickhoff is a voice artist and owner of The Online School for Voice Over, an Audible Approved Producer, and has narrated and produced over 120 audiobooks. Her voice has been used on projects by Samsung, Best Western, GE, ING, Prentice Hall, Pearson Learning, Nextiva, Goodwill of the Great Plains and many more.

She shares her experience...

“When I got into the business of doing voice overs, I learned everything on my own. Hours upon hours watching videos on YouTube, reading manuals, trial and error…so much time. I’ve now created the course that I wish would have been around when I was learning how to get into this business.

“Really, the fastest way to get your side hustle off the ground is to learn from the experts. Let them show you the right way first. You don’t have to repeat all the mistakes they made, just stream-line your success by relying on those who have paved the way for you.”

Pro Tip #5. Publish what you love & on the right platforms

It’s probably the easiest advice you’ll ever get to succeed...simply do what you love, add value to other people’s lives, and do a lot of it!

Named one of the top 10 experts to watch by Yahoo! Finance and featured in TIME Magazine, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and more, Lidiya Kesarovska is the founder of Let's Reach Success which helps ambitious women build an abundant, authentic online business so they can be free and fearless.

Find what you’re really good at and most passionate about and start creating content on these topics.

“Make sure you’re creating the type of content that feels right and are using the right platforms (your main one can be a blog, podcast or YouTube channel, and your secondary one can be your favorite social media channel and the place where your dream clients are).

“Keep doing that for free, serve people without expecting anything in return. Overdeliver, answer their questions and provide solutions to their problems.

“Once you have an audience, a clear branding, feel confident and have built your expertise in the niche, you can monetize in any way that makes sense.”

Now it’s your turn

Which of these 5 top tips would you like to try first?

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