May 06, 2020

Why you should personalize your Ecommerce store

By Veronica Jeans Shopify Queen & Bestselling Author

Why should you personalize your eCommerce store?

'People buy from people they trust.'

Here are a few ways to be a trustworthy eCommerce store.

1. Be Transparent

Show how your business works. The more you show, the more people will trust you. If you are scared to be 'open', or available, you don't trust your customer and they won't trust you.

No business is perfect, and showing that you have nothing to hide is better than showing nothing.

Here are a few things you can add to your store:

  • Business Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address - preferably not a personal email.
  • Behind the scenes videos & images
  • Images and Videos of you and your staff.

2. Your Story is Relevant

Try to be very personal on your page and talk about your business, why you started your business and what your passions are e.g. reading, swimming, traveling - anything that your customers will identify with you and relate to your actions and lifestyle.

  • Why you are doing it and what your motivation was.
  • What your passions are e.g. reading, swimming, traveling.
  • Personal information is important because it is again identifying with your customer.

We want to give our customers a nice warm fuzzy feeling of knowing us.

3. Images Speak Loudly

Remember I mentioned the relating and identifying customer? A photo or even better, a video of you would be an amazing addition to your page and is probably one of the most important things you can add to your page. We are in the social visual age. It is all about images and videos!

Think of your environment - where you work and what it looks like?

Videos are excellent options. Show your customers a 'behind the scene' video or images.

If you are transparent about what and how you are doing, customers will trust you more.

4. Promote Yourself

You work very hard to get the pat on the back of what we have accomplished. You are allowed to brag a bit. Okay well more than a bit. Shout it out there and add everything to your page.

  • If you are in or contributing to blogs.
  • if you are mentioned in magazines.
  • accolades, associations, and groups you belong to.

5. Content is King

Your business social media must be active and show consistent news and information.

Be in front of your customers all the time, educating, entertaining, and giving them information to get to know you.

It takes between 7 - 8 appearances for your customer before they will buy from you.

A few examples are:

  • Social Media - on several different types of social media.
  • Email
  • Direct marketing

Content in your eCommerce store is also important.

It does not matter what you sell. Providing informative and instructive content for your customers will bring your customers back time and again. Turn your online store into a place people want to go to for information and education.

Include the following:

  • Videos
  • Product reviews
  • Expert content - create a blog and add it to your product page for extra information.
  • Social sharing
  • Facebook connecting button and shares

Don't forget about shipping information or any other relational information to help customers get comfortable with purchasing your product.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is probably your one BIG way to differentiate your business. And there are many ways to do this in your eCommerce store.

Here are a few examples:

  • Have a chat app on your pages.
  • Personalize your automatic emails in your store.
  • A 'thank you' video on your thank you page.
  • Sending a thank you card by mail.


    Be unique by helping and educating your customers when they land on your website/store. Ask yourself this question - what do you do if you shop online without enough information or the website/store is very impersonal?

    That's it for now. Stay tuned as we ramp up for the next season!

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