January 09, 2017

How do online store owners stand out with all the noise?

By Veronica Jeans

Richard Branson dare to be different - Veronica Lee Jeans

How do online store owners stand out with all the noise? How can you be different?

It goes without saying that having a good product with a clear message, promise, and guarantee is important for your online store's success.

But having a strong personality behind your product or brand can also be critically important. A good example is Sir Richard Branson who has created a fantastic personal brand around himself and different products.

Why You Should be Different

In a world where technology changes quickly and products loose their foothold or fail completely, it is important to build your personality into your business. Your personal brand will always survive and you can move on with other products or avenues. You will not have to start from scratch with new customers.

People do business with people they know. Your customers are following you and your products, because they know you.

How to Compete With the Noise

In 2014, 81% of consumers used social networks and search engines to research products, and it has grown exponentially in 2015. You should create your presence on the right social media that suits you and your product. And choose at least two different platforms to build up your brand and product. You can expand when you are growing but if you are on too many networks, it will be overwhelming and you will not be able to keep up the daily socializing. Whatever you choose, you have to be consistent about your messaging.

Analyze what other people and specifically your competition, are doing in your marketplace, pick some of the best practices or what they are not doing, then present yourself in a personal way. Stand out.

People will buy from you, because they like your lifestyle, your face, your ideas and obviously your wonderful customer service.

Four Steps to Develop your Personal Brand

  1. Discover what you are passionate about and what your expertise is, and it will also be easier to educate your customers about your products..
  2. Create your own personality and be different. Show your customers what you are about and why you are doing it.
  3. Communicate with your customers and get them involved in your growth. Ask their opinions on changes or launches. People love to get involved.
  4. Consistency with your message across all social networks is very important. You have to be in front of your customer all the time to get to know them and they will get to know you.


Developing your online store successfully, does not happen overnight. It takes some hard work and dedication to create your personal brand to present to the world. You have to be consistent and visual, to stand out. But nothing is going to work if you do not have a good product that sells. No matter what you do, you cannot develop a brand without a great product.