January 23, 2017

4 Health Tips to Run your Business Better

By Veronica Jeans

4 Tips Health Tips to Run your Business BetterIt takes a lot of energy to run a business. A small business is even more hectic because you are IT! You do everything from marketing, ideas, accounting, products, shipping and all the other hats. There definitely are not enough hours in a day!

1. Exercising your Body

We think we do not have the time to exercise because there is so much to do and so little time. It is amazing if you take half an hour and go for a quick walk in the fresh air, how your brain refreshes as well. Now you are thinking more clearly. Problems don't seem so bad after all. And while you are walking, it is a relaxing, meditative state as well. I get my best ideas wandering around.

2. Eating

The bad news is, eating all those carbs slows our metabolism down and we slow down. You will feel tired and sluggish after eating a lot of high carb food. So now you gain weight AND you are tired. Bummer! Your energy comes from food (and drink) but be careful what you are eating. Be conscious what you are eating and make better choices. All I can see here is a win-win. Lots of energy and you might lose some weight.

3. Resting your Brain

We need to rest our brain. If you are an entrepreneur, your brain is working overtime. It seems you are even thinking while you are sleeping. So we need a rest and one way to achieve it is to journal every day. We get all our bits and pieces on paper (or computer, although I think writing is very therapeutic), and we seem to make space tin your brain before we start on the thinking path again. It is a great way to think of new ideas and keep a log on our present actions. Looking back in your journal, you will be surprised at the good ideas and sometimes great ones.

4. Sleeping

It seems we don't ever get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation slows down your brain and energy. The experts seem to indicate 8 hours of sleep, but I will be lucky to ever achieve that in my lifetime. Everybody has a routine of sleep when you feel rested and had enough. My brain wakes me up after 6 hours, and if I feel refreshed it is a bonus. It is a constant battle to get enough sleep but actually going to bed and resting helps.