Shopify Made Easy Book Testimonials

"This book is amazing!! I’ve had a Shopify shop for over a year and there were still awesome bits of information that will transform our store.
If you are planning on openings Shopify store (or know someone who is)…GRAB THIS BOOK!
Step by step, with screen grabs of pertinent steps and all the background info necessary to succeed“ ~ Gerianne

”I’m tech-savvy and learning new things comes pretty easy to me, but if I’m being honest, I’m at the point in my life where I really don’t want to have to think about learning everything from scratch. This book was just what I needed to get my store up and running without having to think so much. Thank you Veronica for doing the thinking for me! Highly recommend if you’re looking for step by step guide on how to get your store up and running quickly!" ~ Claudia

“This book is an excellent read for anyone who has any questions or concerns about launching their store in Shopify. The detail and conciseness of the images along with the thorough explanations which are embedded throughout the book is priceless. Veronica is very authentic and giving touching the lives of others she wants to succeed. Her hard work and compassion shows throughout the book. Each chapter is aligned with a wealth of information that keeps you informed. Veronica is the absolute best in the business!” ~ Tiffany

"I have browsed through the book once and have been amazed at the number of pages included.

The book covers from setting up the platform and considering legal issues to marketing and branding.

There are heaps of "How To's" written out in a step by step format with an abundance of screenshots to follow along easily. And as if that was not enough, this book has plenty of reference links saving you time trying to find relevant additional content."
 ~ Hilton

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