I am an Ecommerce Business Consultant, Marketing Specialist and Shopify Partner. I am passionate about eCommerce businesses and specialize in global ecommerce and online sales trends.
I generally help businesses with online and retail launches, including migration and implementations.
My expertise is processes, from manufacturing to getting the products in the hands of the customer profitably.
I have been cruising (excuse the pun) in my business up to now and have been very lucky that most of my work is by referral but this year I am hoping to kick it into a higher gear. So this is very fortuitous to be invited to this group.
Fun Facts about me:
I am originally from Namibia, Africa but I have lived in the USA for about 20 odd years. I live in the Houston area, in Seabrook Texas.
I live & work on a 43’ Motor Yacht (not a houseboat!) in Seabrook Marina, Texas for the last 8 years. We are planning to go cruising and working from our boat wherever we are.
Veronica is an Ecommerce Business Consultant, Marketing Specialist and Shopify Partner. She /I am passionate about eCommerce businesses and  helping online owners be more successful and profitable.
specialize in global ecommerce and online sales trends.

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