Shopify Made Easy - Ecommerce Business Foundation

$ 19.99

Drawing on years of experience as an Ecommerce business consultant and Shopify expert, Veronica Jeans, provides a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to set up your store easily and correctly so your store can process efficiently and successfully without losing money. 

Shopify Made Easy has 4 volumes - Ecommerce Business Foundation, Brand Your Shopify Store, Optimize Your Shopify Store & Positioning Your Brand

In Volume 1, you will learn to:

  • Create your Shopify store
  • Establish your domain & emails
  • Set up your online business financials
  • Set up your shipping & location
  • Automate notifications
  • And all the legal stuff!
  • AND much more!

Chapter One. Storyboarding Your Collections
Chapter Two. How To Use Tags To Automate Your Store Chapter Three. Visual Branding
Chapter Four. Creating your Collections
Chapter Five. Products & Gift Cards
Chapter Six. Information Pages
Chapter Seven. Your Story - Your About Page
Chapter Eight. Improving Your Process - Apps
Chapter Nine. Navigating Your Customer in Your Store
Chapter Ten. Choosing a Theme & Branding