Why I Wrote My Book


In any business, if your process is broken, your business might fail. When you want to scale your business, it might be a harrowing experience if your process does not function correctly. 

I have clients that keep asking me the same questions all the time.

I did a lot of research and realized there were no books with comprehensive instructions to set up a Shopify store.

I decided to create 30 short videos for each section of a Shopify store, which was a great hit with my clients. I realized that a lot of people still like to learn from a book. So here is the “Launch your Shopify” book, aptly called ‘Shopify Made Easy’.

My advice in this book is from my own and my clients’ experiences with an online business.

Throughout this book, you will find resources for more in-depth knowledge, tools, or just general information.

This book will not show you how to find products. I assume at this stage of creating your business, you have products. This book is about getting your Shopify store up and running!