30Day Blueprint to Launch Your Shopify Store

Welcome to the BLUEPRINT TO LAUNCH YOUR SHOPIFY STORE. In our first video, I gives you an overview of what you can expect from this training, including exactly what you will learn and how it can benefit your business.

Let’s Get Started!

The online eCommerce space is filled with guru’s promising a quick buck by showing you the latest 'make millions if you do what I show you'. They sell you a course, then disappear, expecting you to figure it out yourself.


But information is useless without implementation. That’s what inspired me to create the Blueprint To Launch Your Shopify Store. Here’s how it works…


1. The training videos are in a specific order. Please work through them in the order they come. Don’t skip any. This is a proven process that will get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. This system works. Even if you feel like a lesson isn’t right for you, I urge you to get stuck in regardless. 


2. Every month, we’ll be jumping onto a LIVE group coaching call where you can ask me any questions about the lessons, Shopify, your content… ANYTHING. The purpose of these calls is to keep you accountable and to offer support as you work through the program.


Some of you may feel like the training is way over your head. If so, take your time, reach out for support, and have confidence in yourself.


Some of you may also think “I don’t have time for this…”. If that’s the case, this is the perfect program for you – because you’re time back if you follow it closely 😉


Some of you may think this is basic and you’re looking for the tactical ‘hacks’. That is all coming – but none of that works if you’re not doing the fundamentals, which is what we’re teaching you first. If you think you don’t need to know what we’re teaching, you probably need it the most 😉


1. Join the members-only Facebook Group and introduce yourself! This is where you can go to ask for help and support from me and the community.


2. Jump into the free Facebook group if you’re a member and brag about the fact you’ve joined!


“Just joined Veronica's Blueprint for Shopify! Super excited to get started!”

You ready to rock?

Course Modules

These are all your Modules for your course. The videos are created so you can first set up a solid business foundation before you create your online store.

Follow each daily video sequentially and you will have a successful business to launch!

I have created the '30 Day Launch Your Shopify Store' because it is a huge undertaking to create a store and know where to add all your information and not feel overwhelmed.


Every day you can do one or several tasks to set up your Shopify store and you can go at your own pace. But each video will deal with just one aspect of your store and your online business.

Creating Your Online Business

Video 1 - Technology & Your Name

Video 2 - Create Your Shopify Store

Video 3 - Shopify, Domains & Emails

Video 4 - Create Your Shopify Business 

Video 5 - Setup Your Financials

Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Video 6 - Understanding Your Shopify Settings

Video 7 - Shipping Basics & Locations 

Video 8 - Automated Email Notifications in Shopify 

Video 9 - All The Legal Stuff 

Video 10 - Storyboarding Your Collection 

How To Brand Your Shopify Store

Video 11 - How To Use Tags To Automate Your Store 

Video 12 - Visual Branding

Video 13 - Your Images & Canva

Video 14 - Videos & Wave 

Video 15 - How To Use Your Editor - WYSIWYG

Your Products In Your Shopify Store

Video 16 -  Creating your Collections

Video 17 - Products

Video 18 - Gift Cards

Video 19 -  Keywords & Phrases

Video 20 - Search Engine Listing Preview

Information For Your Customer

Video 21 - Information For Your Customers - Pages

Video 22 - Personalize your Shopify store

Video 23 - Your Story - Your About Page

Video 24 -  Blogs & Blogging

Video 25 - Improving Your Processes

Launching Your Shopify Store

Video 26 - Navigating Your Customers Through Your Store

Video 27 - Choosing a  Theme & Branding

Video 28 - Tracking: Pixels & Google Tags

Video 29 - Social Smarts 

Video 30 - Launch!!! - Add Sales Channels & Get Customers