Curso de Shopify con reuniones de expertos 1 a 1

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Soporte y capacitación con reuniones de expertos de Shopify 1 a 1.

  • Obtenga comentarios en tiempo real para "desatascarse" y seguir avanzando.
  • Cree su mensaje de marca claro y distintivo
  • Identifique a sus clientes perfectos
  • Sepa cómo destacarse de su competencia
  • Crea una impresionante estrategia de marketing en Facebook
  • Herramientas para avanzar de inmediato
Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans

I have a strong passion for assisting newly established store owners in the process of configuring their Shopify stores. This task can sometimes appear quite daunting, but I've dedicated myself to simplifying it as much as I can. Shopify continually introduces fresh updates and innovations, keeping you at the cutting edge of the online world.

My experience with Shopify spans over a decade, during which I've witnessed the remarkable level of support they provide to their customers. They equip you with the essential tools needed to thrive on your ecommerce adventure.

For instance: I have helped Susan build her retail business from $250,000 to nearly $2+ million in 2020/2022.

This is my promise to you! If you are not satisfied after visiting with us, I will guarantee your money back. you: