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In our VIP Sales Accelerated Program, you will create your online store
and get LIVE coaching on how to market your store with individual, hands-on attention and individual help.

Here's how it works

Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - one
1-on-1 Laser Coaching & Brainstorming. Our weekly calls are to find out what you need and how you can accomplish your goals. We will work through your goals and business strategies for the year, so you have a clear path to profits.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - two
ONE hour LIVE in-depth, weekly interactive training on how to create a Profitable Business Model and Strategy. You will learn how to work in your own business with LOTS of tools, templates, and step-for-step processes.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - three
In-depth Branding & Social Plan for Pre-Launch and Launch of your store. We will analyze your business model to determine how and what we need to do to move your forward FAST.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - four
Video Marketing Plan 2020-2021  for your business. We will work with you to elevate your organic reach in your social media networks on a budget. 
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - five
Every week ONE hour Coaching Q&A group sessions - One hour live coaching and Q&A - you will be able to ask questions and learn from other online business owners. No waiting but doing!
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - six
We will have an accountability system to keep you on track. Accountability helps everybody to keep track with your daily tasks and goals for the year.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - seven
Lifetime access to Private Facebook community of your peers and trainers. It is very important to be part of a group traveling the same road as you. It is an amazing encouragement and benefit to your daily hiccups in your business or in your life.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - eight
Expert advice and coaching. We bring experts on to chat with you about Facebook, SEO, branding, shipping, international business practices, taxes & sales tax, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and so much more....
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - nine
Hands-on Live Training in Social Media - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogging - how to consistently market to these medias and do it on a budget successfully.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - ten
QUICK ACTION BONUS - FREE Website Analysis, Facebook Advertising Analysis, Logo Design, 90 Days FREE Trial on Shopify (if you need it), Guide on Going Live, and much more.
Grow Your ecommerce business 2020-2021 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - tools
LIFETIME Access to all NEW Tools and UPDATES. 
Grow Your ecommerce business 2018 - JumpStart by Veronica Jeans - bonus
BONUS - How to take Videos, Product Photos, Content Writing, Shipping Setup, Abandoned Cart Tips, Pricing Tips, Promotion Ideas, and more extra training and tips...


We are so confident that you'll love JumpStart Membership that we are willing to offer you a full "100% Money Back Guarantee." Let us know if you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED and we'll give you a full refund.

Bestselling author - Shopify Made Easy books.

Bestselling author - Shopify Made Easy books.

I have integrated my extensive knowledge in the field of eCommerce, along with my international financial expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.

I has been working in international business for over 35 years and her key to success has been never giving up on anything!

You can access all my books right here in my store or...

Check Out All My Books

Seth Greene from Sharkpreneur Podcast interview - Clip of how I started!

Seth Greene from Sharkpreneur Podcast interviewed me and this is a clip of how I started in the Ecommerce business.

Partner Dynamic Duo!

Partner Dynamic Duo!

The Jeans ladies revel in the fact that they are a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law awesome duo, who have found an opportunity to create a playbook for busy ecommerce entrepreneurs.

We work together to build our customer's business and our own as well.

No more thinking, just following the guide and steps to getting more traffic and sales for your business.

We have created the ultimate Ecommerce Success Planner available on Amazon.

I love teaching...

I am passionate about teaching people how to start a successful eCommerce business on a small budget. With hands-on training and workshops, you will learn to manage your business without spending a lot of money and I will teach you how to make money doing it!

Lecturer at the Polish College Civitas '21 & '22

I love teaching international students at the college level and showing them how to start an online business and how they will succeed. The students attending the college are from all over the world - Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, India, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Khazakstan. etc.....and Poland :)

"Thank you, professor. This was the most interesting and practical lecture that I had" ~ a Student of class '22 at the Polish University Civitas

It has been encouraging to see the progress and enthusiasm to start their own businesses and ideas. 


My Adventures

My Adventures

I am originally from Namibia, Africa, born and bred. I only left Namibia to go to college because there was no higher education in Namibia. At that stage we were South West Africa.

I lived in South Africa, whre I collected a hubby and kids and then we moved to The Netherlands and now in Houston Texas in the United States. 

My family has expanded with my two wonderful daughters-in-law and their families and our grandchildren.

I happily live on a boat! We are cruising in 2023!


What I love...

What I love...

I love living on my boat, spoiling my grandbabies, having quality time with my kids, meeting with friends, having a good glass of wine at sunset, and popping back to Namibia to spend time with siblings and parents.



My birth country Namibia is vast with the most amazing people. During one of my visits, I listened to a friend enthuse about his project in the north of Namibia and how the kids and parents are so passionate about joining the new school program. Parents in tribal costumes bring their kids to enroll in the school, knowing that they need a new future. I wanted to be part of the solution and help. I have formed a non-profit in the USA - Educate Namibian Kids - which will be launched in June/July, to support this endeavor.

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