Few things to help make this a successful partnership:

1) Before installing Route on any of your client websites, please fill out their information here -- this will ensure we get you paid out on your commissions :) 
2) Once you do, Route is a simple one-click install on both Shopify and BigCommerce
3) I'm attaching a 1 pager that is a great resource to email out.  Also 3 bullets on what we do below.  Let me know if I can send anything else that would be helpful.
How does your Monday morning look for a quick follow up to make sure you've got everything you need?  9 am CST?
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1.) Amazon Acclimation 
Customers are acclimated to the way Amazon takes care of them. They know if anything goes wrong with their delivery, they don't' even have to talk to a human being at Amazon. With a few taps on their device, they can get it replaced or refunded. If you can't offer the same, your customers will keep buying products similar to yours on Amazon, instead of your superior product.
Don't be a victim of a carrier messing up your brand experience. Talk to the people at Route to offer your customers the same confidence they get with Amazon, with tracking updates every step of the way, and the ability to self-report delivery issues to get replacements within 24 hours all at no cost to you and your brand.
2.) Holiday Demand
If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that e-commerce has boomed and the world's carriers weren't ready for it. Even since the spike began in March, carriers are still struggling to keep up with demand. They've suspended their guarantees, more orders are lost, damaged, and stolen, and it's not even holiday season yet. 
With all the demands put on you and your team during the holidays, leave shipping issues out of it. Talk to the people at Route so that your customers can have delivery updates every step of the way, and get issues resolved in 24 hours with a few taps on their device. 
3.) Customers for Life
The holidays are a crucial time to show your best colors. You offer your best discounts and promos and get the biggest surge of first-time buyers. The biggest factor in whether they shop with you again? The delivery experience! I'm not kidding. 84% of shoppers won't return to a brand after a bad delivery experience. 
Make sure your holiday shoppers return to you again and again with an intentional post-purchase experience. Talk with the people at Route to make sure your customers are getting their tracking updates every step of the way, and are enabled to self-report and resolve any delivery issues that arise after you send their order off.