How to Add PayPal Credit Solutions to your store

Add the Shopify App
  1. Click on "Activate PayPal Insights" 
  2. Login to PayPal with your PayPal Business Account. This account will get valuable insights from data gathered about PayPal shoppers browsing your site.
  3. Enter your Website URL and click on Agree and Continue. On the next screen, click Done.
  4. PayPal Marketing Solutions is now enabled on your storefront.
  • Your customers will see a one-line message at the bottom of the screen reminding them they can have more time to pay with PayPal Credit
  • The message can be dismissed in one click, and only shows up to 3 times per user session.
  • If the message has been dismissed and has to be viewed again, clear the browser's cache and cookies and reload the page.
  • Once you’ve connected your PayPal Business account, you will not be able to change the account. You will have to uninstall and reinstall the app to connect a new PayPal account.