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Launching in July!

Here’s the truth, my friend — many people dream of starting a business, but few take action to make it happen...Take the first step on your journey to creating your online success.





Take the first step on your journey to success.

This book will not show you how to find products.

I assume at this stage of creating your business, you have products. So, this book is about getting your Shopify store up and running!


This book is not a 'make a million $$$$' in a day, or even a month.



This book is a step-by-step blueprint to show you how to set up your store correctly so you can run your store efficiently and successfully without having to rely on developers and experts.


Throughout this book, you will find resources for more in-depth knowledge, tools, and general information.


You will learn:

  • how to visually brand your store
  • how to add your products and images
  • how to storyboard your brand
  • how to set up your Shopify shop
  • how to get paid and where the money goes
  • how to create amazing images and videos
  • how to add all your legal stuff
  • how to ship your products

...and much more!

A note from Veronica
(I'm your personal guide to starting an online business with Shopify)

I wrote this book for you if...


  • You do not have an online store.
  • You are unsatisfied with your current online store.
  • You are already on Shopify and need a refresher of existing and new tools.





In any business, if your process is broken, your business might fail. When you want to scale your business, it might be a harrowing experience if your process does not function correctly.


What I need you to know: the first step is the most important one.

We will figure the rest out together!


This brand new blueprint is the culmination of everything I’ve learned when it comes to creating the foundation for a successful online business. 


It’s the only guide you need and I promise if you follow the steps laid out inside, you will walk away with the makings of a very successful online business.


Take the first step on your journey to success.


YES! You're officially in.

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