Video Tools


I use the small light for my phone (selfies) and the larger lights when I do videos. So it is more of a controlled recording. Remember you can use normal clamp lights with daylight and the clamps are great. This is a great way to get more light for product shots.

Cameras, Background and Accessories

I use the screen for a background and the opposite side for a greenscreen. I use my mobile phone for all my videos and the 1080 for my workshop sessions or more formal Lives on Facebook/YouTube which works with my eCamm software for my Mac.


I use all of these tripods and for my big lights, my tripods were included. They are heavy duty so I don't travel with them. I will be adding a link for my new clip-on clamp for my Rode mike I travel with. The aluminum stand I use for my normal camera but it is great to have my 1080 camera on a shoe on this tripod so I can my personal Lives or videos. The flexible tripod is great if you want it for a quick video and what I found it can clamp anywhere. 


I use all these mikes. The Lavalier is for your mobile and it does take out ambient sound. Obviously, you can also use your normal headset but the sound is far superior with the Lavalier. The Rode mike I use for my more formal videos on my laptop/Mac and it has seriously made a difference to the sound. The Blue Yeti is recommended by everybody I know if you are doing a studio setting for your videos.

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