Recommended Shopify Apps - by Veronica Jeans Ecommerce Queen

Recommended Shopify Apps for Shopify:

These are Apps for a Shopify Online Store.

    1. Look-Reviews
    2. Excelify: Bulk Import Export Update, Importing products, collections, all pages, blogs and 301 Redirect
    3.  BOLD APPS
    4. SUMO
    5. Ship Station
    6. Theme Updater (Out of the Sandbox)
    7. LockSmith - Secure pages/ users per product etc.
    8. Yotpo
    9. Quickbooks Online
    10. OptiMonk
    11. TaxJar (Watch the video on) - Salestax
    12. Rewards & Sweepstakes - I only use the Rewards part of this app.
    13. INSTAGRAM app
    14. PINTEREST app
    15. FREE Persistant Cart App - shows up on any device they log into.

Quite a lot of FREE Shopify Apps:

  1. KIT
  2. return magic by shopify
  3. Reviews
  4. MailChimp
  5. CheckOut Video (this is a must)

Lots more and I will add as I can think of them. But these are my go to Apps.

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