August 29, 2023

How To Live On A Boat And Live The Dream

By Veronica Jeans, Bestselling Author
How To Live On A Boat And Live The Dream | Veronica Jeans

Original story by Amanda Jeans.

In 2011, Roy and I took a leap of faith that many found unconventional. We sold the majority of our belongings, tucked away a few sentimental items in storage, and embarked on a journey that was far from ordinary. There wasn't a job relocation or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity beckoning us. Instead, we chose to redefine our daily lives aboard our boat, a classic 1976 46ft Hatteras.

But our love for boats and the water wasn't something that just sprouted overnight. It's a passion that traces back to our days in South Africa. Before the pitter-patter of tiny feet echoed in our home and the responsibilities of parenthood took center stage, we had once dreamt of building our own boat. We had envisioned crafting it with our hands, pouring our combined energies into creating something uniquely ours. However, as often happens, life had other plans. The dream of building our boat took a backseat as we navigated the twists and turns of our journey.

An unexpected chapter of our story unfolded when we found ourselves relocating to the Netherlands for a few years. The picturesque canals and the rich maritime history of the country only deepened our love for water and boats. The Dutch experience, with its blend of culture and history, added another layer to our evolving story.

Returning to our present, for those who've never experienced life on a boat, our living quarters are roughly the size of a combined living and dining room on land, approximately 400 sqft. But what it might lack in space, it more than makes up for in charm and the ever-changing vistas of the Seabrook Marina. This boat-living dream, once a mere figment of our imagination, is now our reality.

When people inquire about my profession, I often begin with, "Imagine working from a boat, with the serene Seabrook Marina as your backdrop." That's my daily life. As for Roy, after retiring two years ago, he's fully dedicated himself to our boat. He often shares how, after a taxing day of meticulous renovations, he doesn't just return to a home but to a slice of "paradise." And truly, who wouldn't want that?

Roy's retirement has been a blessing in disguise for our Hatteras. From intricate electrical work, revamping the engines, to crafting exquisite woodwork, he's given our old boat the love and care it desperately needed. Every day, he's out there, tools in hand, breathing new life into our floating home.

Being liveaboards has unshackled us from the confines of brick and mortar, gifting us a sense of freedom that's hard to put into words. As we look to the horizon, we dream of our impending retirement, envisioning a life split between the sunny coasts of Florida and the vibrant culture of Texas. The next chapter awaits, and with Roy's unwavering dedication to our boat, we're more than ready for it.

Here’s a look at what it’s like to be a liveaboard in Seabrook, Texas, at Seabrook Marina:

View of the boat and her name: Etosha.

Veronica's boat Etosha by Veronica Jeans Ecommerce Queen & Bestselling Author of Shopify books


A side view of our boat in the slip - which is under cover on a floating dock. A floating dock to people that do not know, means that the dock and pier float up and down with the water level. Our dock has a a floating roof as well which guessed it, floats up and down as well with the dock. It is heaving in the hot Texas summers being under cover.

Our forward remodeled bathroom or head (in sailing venacular) and it has a full shower and is small but comfortable. The first image is what it looks like now and the second image is what it looked like before.

head of boat before we refurbished


Work must be done while you're living on your floating home. In the following image we are hauling out the old batteries to replace the 80 lbs batteries with new ones. Roy rigged up this contraption with a motor to haul them out. ALSO, the rig is on wheels so we could wheel the batteries to the external door which you can see behind the rig.

Little helpers always come to visit. She was very helpful pointing out where Papa has missed a spot.

What a view!

Amazing to call this place home.

The next part of my adventure:

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