Here's how it works

Here's how it works

Ecommerce Veronica Jeans Expert Shopify #1ONE hour LIVE in-depth interactive workshop per week on how to create a profitable online store and business concentrating on YOUR goals.


Ecommerce Veronica Jeans Expert Shopify #2 We will create a Pre-Launch program to kick start your business through social media networks and advertising strategies.


Ecommerce Veronica Jeans Expert Shopify #3 ONE hour Q&A sessions - 30 Minutes after the live workshop you will be able to ask questions and learn from other experienced online store owners. No waiting but doing!


Ecommerce Veronica Jeans Expert Shopify #4 You will get actionable steps every week for your own homework until you get everything done.


Ecommerce Veronica Jeans Expert Shopify #5 One year access to private Facebook Forum with experienced small business owners that love to advise and help. And celebrate your victories! It is very important to be part of a community group on the same journey as you. It is an amazing encouragement and benefit to your daily hiccups in your store or in your life.


Ecommerce Expert Veronica Jeans Shopify #6 QUICK ACTION BONUS - Logo Design, FREE Templates, 10% Discount Premium Template, FREE Shopify Trial, Guide on Going Live, Access to video courses.


Ecommerce Shopify Expert Veronica Jeans #7Social Media Templates,


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