*AGENDA Virtual Ecommerce Summit 2021 AGENDA


10:00 AM CST
Veronica Jeans (Ecommerce Coach & Best Selling Author) &   Tim Sohn (Virtual Producer & Director Extraordinaire)

10:10 AM AM CST
Unlock the Secrets to Using Instagram Shopping to SELL Your Products
Anita Wong - Instagram & YouTube Expert

10:40 AM CST
Hiring A VA 101 & How To Stay Organized
Amanda Jeans - Production Specialist

11:10 AM CST

How to Use Omnichannel Marketing to Drive Customer Retention
Amit Metha - Omnisend Partnership Manager

11:50 AM CST
Know Your Numbers - Sales Tax In The USA
Amy Debusk Monroe - Sales Tax Yogi

12:20 PM CST
Social Media Strategy With AI
Arjun Rai - CEO of HelloWoofy

12:5PM CST
Branding & Packaging
Lindsay Taylor - Taylor Images

1:20 PCST

International Shipping & USA Freight - Tips &  Pitfalls
Seth Kornfeld - InExpress & UPS Shipping

1:55 PM PM CST
Quickbook & Shopify
Liz Scott - ProAdvisor QBO

2:30 PM CST
Veronica & Tim & Sponsors presentation!


10:00 AM CST
Veronica Jeans (Ecommerce Coach & Best Selling Author) &   Tim Sohn (Virtual Producer & Director Extraordinaire)

10:10 AM CST
How to Use Amazon Live to Monetize Your Store
Christian  Karasiewicz -Content Marketing Manager at StreamYard

10:40 AM CST

3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Insights For Better Results
Adam Moody - Digital Marketing Strategist

11:20 AM CST

Creating Videos That Sell Your Product On Social
Kate Skavish - Wave.video

11:50 AM CST
How & Why To Use Live Video in LinkedIn
Brian Schulman - VoiceYourVibe, Speaker, Business Coach

12:20 PM CST
Ecommerce Trends in 2021 & How To Optimize Your Online Store 
Veronica Jeans, Shopify Partner & Bestselling Author 'Shopify Made Easy'


12:50 PM CST
Secrets of Photography
Steffen Kaplan

1:20 PM CST
Ecommerce Owners - Tips & Advice

2:05 PM CST

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