April 02, 2021

Veronica Jeans & Tina Ramsey Interview on EZWay TV

By Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen
Veronica Jeans & Tina Ramsey Interview on EZWay TV

Tina Ramsey Interviews Veronica Jeans on EZWay TV

Friday on The Tina Ramsay Show we will be having Veronica Jeans in the Building from Namibia.

Veronica Jeans is an Ecommerce Business Consultant, Best Selling Author, and Shopify Expert. She is passionate about eCommerce businesses and specializes in global e-commerce and online sales trends.

She is a well-traveled individual and has international business and financial experience which helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their business FAST and profitably.

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE - The Tina Ramsey Show & Podcast The Tina Ramsay

HERE IS THE PODCAST: Listen to it now.


Tina Ramsey Show & International Podcast is all about motivating you, connecting you with opportunities, sharing knowledge, and having upbuilding conversations centered around Business, Education, Wellness, and Life. We introduce you to stand-out Individuals, Celebrities, & Epic Business Leaders from All Over the World.

We provide Advertisement Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Artists, Business Owners, Authors, Actors, and more to help them gain more exposure to share their purpose, mission, services, and products.

We use our TV show, podcast, and magazine to features these Epic Individuals in written form and throughout Social Media. Connect, Book, and Email us for a Slot of our Show at: Tinyurl.com/coachtina1 


Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen

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