August 23, 2021

5 Steps To Achieving Your Goals.

By Veronica Jeans, Shopify Queen & Bestselling Author

Why are Goals important?

Think of yourself as an Olympic athlete. If you did not have a very specific goal in mind, you will not get to the Olympics. To be successful in business, you need specific goals to be able to measure your success.

Goals will keep you focused and maximize your time and resource management. It is also a great motivator to when you can see what you have achieved.

So many times I ask you have goals? and they will tell me ...Yep in my head!!!!

But with all the things we need to do to move our business forward, how can you remember what your goals are if they get crowded out?

Sir Richard Branson, a man who clearly knows plenty about achieving extraordinary things, has some ideas, which he shared on his blog.

The basic principle behind his advice is head-slappingly simple -- just write it down -- but as he elaborates in the post, getting from daydream to reality requires a little more doing than simply putting pen to paper.  

You need to write them down and make a PLAN!!!

And whatever you call it, it is a business plan 101.

What are you going to do, how you are going to do it and how much you need to spend to achieve your goals.

So how do you create those goals for your online store? This is not reinventing the wheel. The basics for goals will always be the same.


1. S – Specific

This is the first step towards writing a goal, and there are five questions that you need to ask yourself while designing a specific goal:

What is going to be accomplished?

What will this goal achieve?

When will the goal be achieved?

Why do you want to achieve this goal?

Who will be the ones involved? (if you have a team)

2. M – Measurable

You have to know your numbers!

While figuring out your goals is a smart thing, knowing the path towards achieving them is better.

How many or how much is this goal going to achieve?

Is there any way I can measure my success/failure on my way towards my goal?

How will I come to know whether I have achieved my goal or not?

So basically the rule is, you have to spend money to make money!

3. A – Achievable

It is no use of setting a dream goal if it is more of a dream than a goal!

Do you have the resources and budget for your goal?

How can you

4. R – Relevant & Realistic

Is it realistically achievable with the current resources and timelines?

Can you commit to it?

AND, the biggie, is it relevant to your vision and mission.

Is it line with what you want to achieve.

5. T – Time-Bound

Make sure you have dates in mind; a start date and a finish date. Every race has a finish line, even the one towards your goal.

If you don’t have an end line, then you are just working in chaos because you will get distracted.

No matter how ambitious your goals are, you need to set a realistic timeline for it and allocate resources accordingly.


How do you keep your goals going?

All your goals have to be relevant to your main goal.

Be realistic:

Only have 2 -3 goals for each quartern, for each week and daily which are the action steps to your main goal.

I like to work in quarters - 90 days.

Especially in business sometimes things change and we have to move and pivot to make sure we stay in the game.

Then you divide them up into a month - 4 weeks.

And then decide what you are going to achieve in each week.

Then you get to your daily goals to make sure you get your weekly goals done which then leads to getting your monthly goals done and your 90 day goals.

Examples of goals:

I have an Ecommerce content planner out end of October.

So how am I going to achieved that?

I need to know on a weekly and daly basis what I need to do to publish in August.

Then I allocate the time that I am going to spend daily on finishing my action steps.

So I have an end game, time line and how I am going to actually do it.

I have to also know my numbers right?

I can publish the book, but now I need to market my product.

What do I need to do to launch my product?

What are the costs to get my product sold?

Do.I need to hire somebody to help me?

I will need to advertise my products? Yes, so what is my budget?

What are the steps to launch my product?

I need to send out emails and post and advertise right?

So, get your goals written down in 90 days, 4 weeks, weekly and daily action steps.

But the bottom line is, whatever you need to do, make it work for you!

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