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In this lesson you will learn how to run reports, find out more about where your customers are coming from, plus how to customize every aspect of your online Shopify Store.

  • All about Reporting.
  • Where your sales came from.
  • Where your visitors are coming from.
  • How to manage your orders.
  • View Open, Unfulfilled and Unpaid Orders.
  • How to create an invoice.
  • How to do a refund.
  • How to view your customer’s details.
  • How to create discount codes.
  • How to offer free shipping on orders that are over a certain amount.
  • How to limit the amount of times they use their discount.
  • How to create a discount that expires.
  • How to generate random discount codes.
  • How to customize your discount code.
  • How to connect your Shopify account to your Facebook account to easily make more sales.
  • How to claim a $100 Google AdWords Credit for free.
  • Advanced Theme Customizations
  • How to create a side bar menu to your theme.
  • How to add your social media sites for sharing your store.
  • How to add a favicon for your store.
  • How to add a banner to your checkout page.
  • How to add your logo to your checkout page.
  • How to add a background image or a background color on your checkout page.
  • How to customize the header of your store.  Menu items, logo, announcements.
  • How to view your store on a mobile device to make sure it looks great on all browsers.
  • How to create a featured items page to show your best products.
  • How to add customer testimonials.
  • How to install apps and plugins to your Shopify Store.

Total Running Time: 45:14


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