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In this lesson you will learn all about adding your products to your Shopify Store.

  • How to import your products via a .CSV file.
  • Adding products directly in Shopify.
  • Adding product description and multiple product images.
  • One helpful plugin (free) that will help you while writing your product descriptions.
  • Add pricing information to your product.
  • What size is best for your product images.
  • How to maximize your product image alt tags so you can be found on search engines.
  • Set up your Inventory: SKU numbers, barcodes, and inventory counts.
  • Set up a product that needs to be shipped.
  • International Shipping Tariff code lookup.
  • Set up your product to be sold in various sales channels, i.e. Amazon, Your own online store, Pinterest, etc.
  • How to add “tags” so you can make your products easily found via search.
  • How to create “Collections” to group together similar products.
  • Add a header image to your collections.
  • Add the same product to multiple collections.
  • How to add new inventory and mass update the on hand counts.
  • How to create Gift Cards.
  • Upgraded Shopify Plans.
  • Importing your Customers.
  • Viewing your orders.
  • Creating Shipping Labels.
  • Risk levels.
  • How to view the order timeline.
  • Create your own manual invoice.
  • View a list of your customers who have abandoned the checkout.

Total Running Time: 37:28


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